Friday, August 29, 2008

Phalin Symbol McCain First Decision As Commander-In-Chief Is A Huge Boner

History may show that this is the day Barack Obama won the white house.

Wikipedia is getting a workout today over hockey mom (what the hell is a hockey mom anyway sounds good but that's about it) hottie Alaska Governor Sarah Phalin?

A hockey mom a heartbeat away? What the PUCK was Johnny Boy thinking?

This person is simply not qualified to be the
Vice President to the temperamental 71 year old cancer survivor McCain. She has absolutely no foreign policy experience and has only been Governor of Alaska since 2006. The former beauty queen like all good Republicans is under investigation.

This is a play by the McCain camp to get the Hillary dead enders vote and the Catholic crowd. She's attractive and probably a exceptional woman and mom but Vice President in this dangerous world? I think not.

It also completely eliminates the McCain's Obama lack of experience argument, which is pretty much all they had in the first place. This is a sign of desperation and a realizaton by McCain that he had to roll the dice because he knows he can't beat Obama's message of change.

It also changes the news narrative from the spectacular Obama acceptance speech to gerbil-wheel talking head anchors bumbling on about what it means to have a "hockey mom" a heartbeat away.

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