Monday, August 11, 2008

Affordable Homes Made From Recycled Material

These Tiny Texas Houses are just that - small, portable houses that are made with 95% salvaged and recycled building materials.

These tiny houses are a project developed by Discovery Architectural Antiques who have a massive 130,000 square foot showroom filled with salvaged materials. Each house will be unique by virtue of the fact they are not mass produced, and created according to the reclaimed materials available at the time.

The new elements in the houses will, of course, be the electrics and plumbing to comply with modern building standards.

As if they were not eco-friendly enough, you can also opt for grey and black water recycling systems for water conservation and solar power systems for energy conversation.

You can go to their showroom and mix and match from the thousands of pieces they have available to create your own masterpiece, or send them a photo of a house you will like a miniature copy of.

Starting from just $32,000 for an 8’x16’ it has to be one of the best ways to recycle with style at an affordable price.

No two Tiny Texas Houses will ever be exactly alike but instead, each will be a unique piece of House Art.

Via: Trend Hunters Magazine

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