Friday, August 29, 2008

Are Hockey Moms Prepared to Deal With International Terror Threat

Oh I get it. This will come in handy when your dealing with Osama Bin Laden. Here's a description of what it means to be a hockey mom per

• Saves you time with practical information on equipment, fundraising, and quick links to hockey related sites.
• Makes you laugh with stories, jokes, contests and more.
• Creates a community offering tips, photo contests, book clubs and online celebrity events.
• Keeps you real with helpful articles and support in your role as a mother, partner, and unique woman.
• Invites you to be part of “something bigger” through our Charities.
• Asks you to contribute tips and ideas.

We are HockeyMoms ourselves. We serve the community of women whose children play hockey at any level. Your life is about Hockey, and also about being a Mom, partner, and woman. We’re here to help.

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