Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fellow Citizens Where Is Our Passion?

I'm a little frustrated....

Flash, 70 days to the election. Wake up out there folks! Your country, as you know it is slowly slipping away. Put down the bottle of Vicadin or Valium and get your ass up off the IKEA sofa bed and pull your Liberal head out of your ass. This is a full body contact death cage match election, or worse.

In November of 2007 I was sitting in my kitchen on Vashon Island here in Washington State contemplating the state of our nation. It wasn’t good then and it's probably worse now. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan raged, economic crisis, energy crisis, mortgage crisis, unprecedented and widespread federal government corruption and incompetence, Iran, the Supreme Court one vote from overturning Rowe v Wade, the slow and methodical destruction of constitutional protections, Gitmo, torture, the environment, the economic destruction of the middle class and where the fuck is Osama Bin Laden anyway?

Enough, like many I'd had enough already.

I don't think I'm overly jingoistic or a flag waiver but I simply had enough. I love my country. I decided to do something about it and set out to volunteer with the Obama campaign here in Washington State and later in Texas, Oregon, and Montana and many other states if you count phone banks. I traveled thousands of miles over several months and spend thousands of dollars touting Obama.

As we all trudged through the primary it was a mental battle to keep the faith that we would reach the ultimate prize of winning the nomination for Obama. That mission has been partially (except for the actual nomination process) accomplished and except for a few dead ended Hillary supporters still out there, who's explanation for not supporting Obama vs McCain are beyond question pure delusion or explained by accepting the fact that they were shills for the Republican Party from the get go. The future of this country is more important then any of their personal hurt feelings.

Now just a few days before the national convention and the polls are tightening. If you believe the CNN and MSNBC gibberish it's because McCain's BS based personal attacks on Obama have worked. He's inexperienced or he's and elitist. I believe it's plain old racism to blame for the lack of progress. How these tactics work or in fact if they have worked is certainly open to question. But one should surely not be over confident that an Obama win in November is a done deal. Given the state of news reporting by the MSM it's a wonder we have any country at all. Where have these people been for the last two decades? The fact is Americans get little in the way of truth about ANYTHING these days because of the corporate control of and political influence over the modern press.

Who knows? If John McCain and his ilk are allowed to continue on the path that has brought us to the brink of a national meltdown we may not be able to settle this question peacefully at the ballot box in the future. It maybe necessary to fight for our rights and what we believe in a more fundamental and basic way with our hands.

So there’s an easy way and there’s a hard way. We can’t continue on the same cynical path we are on and see a repeat of the election of 2004, or we get ready to man the barricades later.

Where is your passion for your country Dear Liberals? What are you willing to do to make sure Barack Obama gets elected in November? Instead of listening to the brain dead nasal whinny voice of CNN’s Campbell Brown regurgitated the William Ayers connection to Obama story every night we should be in full attack mode. Pull out all the stops on McCain. This is a bear knuckle fight for the soul and the future, even perhaps the very existence of this country as we have known it. Nothing should be left on table including:

  • The Keating Five
  • McCain's basic disconnect with anything working class or middle class
  • The phony media echo chamber POW mass war hero worship circus of bullshit
  • The phony Cindy McCain Barbie Doll resume mentality
  • His ties to lobbyists and influence peddlers
  • The 8 houses
  • Five million per year is not rich comment
  • I don’t torture but I torture.
  • His Senate attendance record
  • His vote against the New GI Bill and his record of NOT supporting the troops
  • His cheating on his first wife
  • I was born with a silver spoon in your mouth because my Grandfather and Father were Naval admirals
  • The womanizing party boy
  • His age
  • His anger management problem
  • His mental fitness to have his hand on the button
  • Because he was born in the canal zone is he really eligible to run for President?
  • The truth of what his role or his staff's role was in Georgia and his subsequent saber rattling
  • McCain as a warmonger and mindset ultimately involves the use of military force
  • Reinstating the draft
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Iran

General Clark was right. Getting shot down over Vietnam doesn't make you qualified to be President. I would think not getting shot down would probably be more desirable on one's resume. My bother and many other fine servicemen fought in Viet Nam, and were wounded or captured, but it doesn’t make them qualified to be the president of the United States. Not saying that my brother wouldn't make a good president because morally he's twice the man John McCain ever will be, but really now.

Liberals and the Obama Campaign need to learn to a certain degree to get down in the dirt with the low information voters and start to talk to them in the language of slash and burn politics that the Republican know they understand. If we’re not willing to do this we will probably lose the election. Liberals must stop the appearance or actual condesending behavior and morally superior attitude they often project on independant and low information voters. It's wrong and often separates their support for ideas that all of us share in common.

Don’t worry we’ll be able to live with ourselves in the morning. Because. if we win, we will have the power to transform the country instead of forever being on the outside looking in again with no power to change a thing.

Finally, we need to all vote the Democratic ticket and get at least 20 other people we know to vote who maybe won't otherwise. We need to remind ourselves that the mothers milk of politics is cash and make a contribution to the National and State Democratic Party and to the Obama and Gregoire in Washington campaigns. We need to become volunteers for our State and National candidates within our Legislative and Congressional districts.

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