Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama Often Fails to Personify Voter Anger And Frustration In Stump Speech And Advertising

If I were Barack Obama I would fire the people who write my ads and get some new people who are capable of writing ads that better reflect voter's anger and frustration with the current state of the nation.

Barack Obama’s stump speech is articulate and folksy. It’s filled with statistics about how middle class income has dropped significantly under Bush and what we need to do and why we need to finally become energy independent. It shows Obama’s significant grasp of the domestic and foreign policy issues of the day. His style is friendly and colloquial and mimics a conversation one would have with a neighbor over the backyard fence.

But what the stump speech contains in facts and figures and personal charm it lacks in real anger and frustration about the current state that we find our nation. Most people are mad as hell and want someone to take to task those in power responsible for the criminal negligence, warmongering, misuse of the military and massive government incompetence on all levels of the last eight years.

Barack Obama is a nice guy and has prided his campaign on taking the highroad. He seldom wheels a big stick approach when dealing with McCain or Republican attacks. He apparently believes that the American people will give him credit for this in he end and this will, along with the usual reasons, help elect him President. But I have my serious doubts about that.

As Democrats we have to ask ourselves if we had enough of this weak and ineffective crap already in the Congress from the likes of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid. Both of them should be replaced when the next Congress opens for their lack of courage, passion and anger in dealing with the Bush and Republican agenda since gaining a slim majority in 2006. But that's another story.

I don’t know about you, but I’m mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. This is the feeling in ones bones that Obama needs to possess and inject out on the campaign trial. No more playing Mister Nice Guy. I want Obama to be my champion and I want him to mirror my frustration and anger with what has happened to this country under Bush/Cheney and company for the last eight years. I believe that if Obama has a problem closing the deal with the American people it is because he comes across as a well-meaning overly polite egghead sometimes.

If you’ve noticed the use of anger, as a political tool, is something the Republicans have down pat. When attacked they always respond with indignation and anger to any attack. Yes, it is usually false indignation, but Democrats need to realize it works with Joe six pack voters out there. Playing the articulate intelligent wuss won’t work with independent working class voters, and Obama seems to be unable to relate to or translate into his speeches the real anger that we are all feeling.

There is a old labor movement story in the Northwest about a union lawyer named Vandeveer who had a working man come to him with a problem. Seems an unscrupulous sort had cheated the man of his money. Vandeveer ask the man what he like him to do. “Well frankly, if I had my way I like to punch the guy in the nose”, the man said. The story goes on to tell how Vandeveer immediately left his office when to the scoundrel's location and punch the man in the nose.

I think Obama needs to reflect our anger and comtempt with the current government as directly as Vandeveer did in his situation if he expects to win the presidency.

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