Monday, August 11, 2008

Bush’s Preemptive War Policy In Iraq Blocks US Moral Authority to Stop Russian Invasion Of Georgia

Should of thought of that before you fundamentally changed America’s longstanding policy not to preemptively start wars George, but now your screwed because of your self-centered war making policies. The Republican warmongers like Bush, Cheney and, yes John McCain, didn’t really comprehend or understand the eventual blowback that they could face when they preemptively invaded Iraq in 2003.

The gruesome photos above of the aftermath of the Russian invasion of the disputed territory controlled by Georgia and the rest of that nation speaks of the horror of war and civilians caught up in it. It's the type of photo you'd probably hardly ever see shown by American MSM. It too real for them and doesn't fit their all American fantasy based bullshit narrative.

How can Bush now demand that Russia not preemtively invade Georgia? The answer is he can’t. His moral authority meter is on zero. This plus the fact that Bush and company wouldn't know diplomacy if it hit them in the ass, paints a bleak picture for the people and democracy in Georgia and ending this war quickly.

Can't depend on the UN either because those folks are just a bunch of "for-ners" who are probably French or Commies and want to take American power away with their fancy international laws, courts and force Americans to make soccer the national sport.


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