Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Wall Street Journal: Bankers Oligarchy Are Expecting To Spend Millions To Quash Occupy Wall Street US Day Of Rage 9/17 Protests

In Today's Wall Street Journal Market Watch commentator Paul B. Farrell points out just how seriously the powers to be are taking the planned #occupywallstreet, US Day Of Rage and Adbusters backed protests now planned for lower Manhattan and simultaneously elsewhere around the world, including here in Seattle (Bank of America 5th Ave. Plaza) on September 17th.

Fearing a "American Fall" modeled after the "Arab Spring" uprisings in middle-eastern countries, that brought down corrupt governments, the rich out of touch oligarchy fear the worst. Farrell takes a "what do you expect" point of view about the protests and mildly scolds the out of touch US bankers, politicians and authority figures for any surprise that a similar uprising is in fact taking place in the land of liberty. Given their greed, criminal behavior and attempts to destroy the middle class Ferrell offers that maybe a tipping point has been reached.

The article stands as one of the best written by a mainstream media source, with a great deal of detail on what maybe motivating the protesters and some possible outcomes.
"In short, you can expect millions will be spent to quash this revolution, much as George III tried with great armies after 1776. So get ready to see more clever ways Big Money corrupts the democratic process, the right of assembly, freedom of speech. Remember Wisconsin. They’ll do everything necessary to force Occupy Wall Street to abandon their mission, leave empty-handed." 
US Days of Rage and Occupy Wall Street are looking for local support of the demonstrations here in Seattle. Demonstrators should gather near the Bank Of America Fifth Plaza at 5th Ave and Cherry St. in downtown Seattle at 11am on September 17th. This is a non-violent peaceful demonstration, if your looking for trouble please stay home. Make a sign, bring a noise maker. We will not be camping, just marching.  More information on the Seattle protest in support of Occupy Wall Street and US Day Of Rage can be found here. You can sign up using meetup or just simply show up on the 17th.

You can follow news about the protests on twitter by searching or adding hashtags: #USDOR #sept17 #occupywallstreet to your tweets or follow @USDayofRage @OccupyWallSt

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