Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Charles Koch Calls President "Saddam Hussein" And Envisions 13 Month "Mother of All Wars" For Right Wing Causes

Also on the tape Koch jokes about special consideration for contributors who are willing to give a "billion dollars" to his slimy shadow organizations. Here's a list of million dollar individual contributors and the companies they operate compiled by Mother Jones and Think Progress reporters.
"Today, Bradblog’s Brad Friedman reports for Mother Jones about a secret meeting that the right-wing oil billionaire Koch brothers held at a Colorado resort in June with hundreds of wealthy donors who plotted to finance right-wing causes and elect conservative politicians.

Friedman reports that audio he obtained from the conference reveals that Charles Koch alarmingly referred to President Obama as “Saddam Hussein,” saying that the right had to fight the “mother of all wars.” He rallied his guests to donate millions of dollars to help defeat Obama and boost other right-wing causes.

Koch also read off a list of 32 donors who gave a million dollars or more to his efforts to build up far-right infrastructure. Mother Jones’s Gavin Aronsen notes that this list was largely corroborated by ThinkProgress research published in 2010. The list includes financiers such as Charles Schwab of the Charles Schwab Corporation and John Templeton, Jr. of the powerful John Templeton Foundation."

Via: Nation of Change

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