Monday, September 12, 2011

New Video: US Day Of Rage Occupy Wall Street September 17th - Movement To Overturn Citizens United

US Day Of Rage - Occupy Wall Street September 17th represents a growing coalition of  organizations whose major aim at this time is to eliminate corporate control over our political system and elected officials and to begin the process of restoring free and fair elections. USDOR is working with organizations like Move to Amend whose goal is to bring about the amendment of the US constitution that would overturn the recent Citizens United "corporations are people" Supreme Court decision.

USDOR has focused on the one issue of "corporations are people" because it believes that the unrestricted flow of corporate funds to politicians and political organizations has profoundly corrupted our elections and political processes. We must remove corporate influence over our political process and return it to individual citizens. 

We encourage citizens to take part in actions by #USDOR #Antibanks #Sept17 #OccupyWallStreet in their area next Saturday.

#TOMALABOLSA in Madrid, Spain
#TOMALABOLSA in Valencia, Spain
#TOMALABOLSA in Bilbao, Spain
#TOMALABOLSA in Santander, in Spain
#TOMALABOLSA in Las Palmas, in Spain
#OCCUPYBANKOFENGLAND, #UKUncut in London, England
#USDORSF San Francisco, CA
#USDORLosA Los Angeles, CA
@USDayofRageOR Portland, OR
#TAKETHESQUARE return to the Capitol Square in Madison, WI
#OCCUPYBAYSTREET in Toronto, Canada
Athens, Grece – Hellenic Stock Exchange
Berlin, Germany – Occupy Börse Berlin
Frankfurt, Germany – Occupy Frankfurter Börse
Stuttgart, Germany – Occupy börsenstrasse
Lisboa, Portugal – Demonstration in front of Stock-Market headquarters.
Porto, Portugal – Demonstration in front of Stock-Market headquarters. Portugal
Viena, Austria
#BEURSPLEINBEZETTING in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Other actions for 17th September

Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona Hub International Meeting. International meeting of social organizers in order to set a plan for a global rally on 15th October. (15-18th September)
Paris, France - Marches from Greece, France, Spain, Italy, etc. will arrive to Paris and there will be a big demonstration there. Read more in Road to Brussels, The marches to Brussels and Paris Reelle Democratie
Italy – Marches to Rome starts
Athens, Greece proposes to boycott the banks withdrawing money for 4 days, still not clear when do they start (decided on Syntagma assembly on September 5th)
Cambridge, UK – Workshops on the financial crisis.

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