Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bigoted "Truther" Alex Jones Says Homeland Security Attempting To Make Whites The New Al Qaeda

Alex Jones the man who popularized the "truther" movement offers us another half-backed narrative, that the Department of Homeland Security wants to make whites the new Al Qeada. I assume this is an attempt to bolster the conservative and Tea Party hyperbole that the President hates white people.
“Did I not tell you they were gonna switch it from Al Qaeda to the Tea Party? And now you’re seeing it, I told you.… They’re gonna rebrand the war on terror on the constitutionalists, I’m asking listeners out there…. What do you think of the re-branding that the terrorists aren’t Al Qaeda anymore? It’s that veteran, it’s that gun owner, it’s that farmer … it’s that white person. Whites are the new Al Qaeda.”

Via: Southern Poverty Law Center

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