Monday, September 26, 2011

Breaking: Stock Trader Tells The Truth - Governments Don't Matter Goldman Sachs Rules The World - Don't Really Care About Rescue Plans

Why should we Occupy Wall Street? Because we need to stop this exact type of self-centered callous Wall Street mindset that's says the only goal in life is to make more money. 

Cold and calculated truth from a stockbroker. Crisis, what crisis? "We don't care that much about fixing the economy or how their going to fix the whole situation, we just want to make money". Then this gem, "Governments don't rule the world Goldman Sachs rules the world. Golden Sachs doesn't care about the rescue package and nether do the big funds"

So fuck you middle class your the pawns who will lose your life savings and everything else in the coming economic collapse and Wall Street will relish in it because they'll make money off your misfortune and misery.

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