Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jingoistic Nationalistic Chest Thumping And Delusion Over 9/11 Continues Unabated

The truth was the first victim of 9/11.

The promulgation of lies about the causes and effects of 9/11 continues unabated ten years after the tragedy. We have resorted to a state where even little league football players are encourage to participate in the nationalistic orgy of jingoism. The NFL's special 9/11 tributes are disturbing and out of context. False hero worship and war making are praised. Flag waving and national chest thumping tributes abound.
"The flip side of nationalism is always racism, the dehumanization of the enemy and all who appear to question the cause. The plague of nationalism began almost immediately. My son, who was 11, asked me what the difference was between cars flying small American flags and cars flying large American flags. The people with the really big flags are the really big assholes, I told him"
Two brave pundits have taken up the challenge of overturning the corporate controlled mass media delusion and incompetent political leader narrative about what really happened to us that day. I commend them. Paul Krugman and Chris Hedges both offer enlightening posts about the general state of delusion that we find the nation in today stemming from the events of 9/11. I encourage everyone to take the time to read what they have to say.

War is peace!

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