Friday, January 16, 2009

We Must Stop Pam Roach And Others From Politicizing County Elections

Protect Your Vote Support Sherril Huff For County Director Of Elections February 3rd

In an ultimate indication of political ignorance the voters of King County chose to make the County Director of Elections and elective office. Now we see why it was so dumb by just thinking what it going to be like if we should get stuck with someone like halfwit Republican Pam “war of the roses” Roach running the election office at the county. Can you imagine what he 2004 Governor’s race would of looked like with an overly partisan bag like Roach deciding who gets to have their vote counted or not.

The election is the first in the county to be conducted entirely by mail. There is no primary so the candidate getting a plurality of the vote will win. There are six candidates so the one that pulls as little as 20% of the vote will probably become the new director. The fear is that election weary voters will overlook the election and pave the way for someone like Roach or David Irons to grab the position.

When do we start the petition to repeals this ridiculous need for election for this office? All this is just a Republican plot to gain legal standing to suppress your votes. Still smarting from the Dino Rossi loss in 2004 the wingnuts are now trying to more directly control your right to vote. Remember Republicans don't win where voting isn't being suppressed in one way or the other. We want someone who has little or no interest in politics and who's only real interested in competently and fairly counting the votes period.

The problems is that the one who is most qualified and endorsed by most Democratic Party officials and organizations, Sherril Huff, who is the current King County Director of Elections, probably has a low amount of name recognition. The field also includes political hack David “I’m really a Republican” Irons as well as the obnoxious reactionary Roach.

So we strongly urge you to mail you vote for Huff and tell a friend to do the same.

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  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I voted for Huff. I can't say it was out of support for her. It was actually to make sure I didn't vote for the mentally ill Pam Roach and her joke of a sidekick, Chris Clifford. Pam Roach needs to be impeached. She's a menace to society.