Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Proof That Limbaugh Is Irrelevant Insensitive And Unpatriotic

We already knew Rush Limbaugh was an asshole but now we have proof he is also stupid and unpatriotic. Limbaugh and others were ask to write a 400 word piece on what their hopes were for the Obama presidency. Rush said he didn't think it was necessary to write 400 words because he could do it in four words.

"I hope he (Obama) fails".

Limbaugh who lives in an out of touch ivory tower hasn't processed what that would mean exactly to millions of Americans and their families struggling to survive the economic downturn and to the overall national security of this country.

In other words if it's necessary to have a devastating depression that will theaten our lives and freedoms in order to elect wingnuts it fine with Rush.

This is proof that this man doesn't really care about America or American ideals. He's a phony and a complete self-centered jerk, and any working class or other person who listens to this guy for political guidance is also an ignorant idiot by default.

Oh, sorry we knew that already.

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