Friday, January 16, 2009

Majority Of Americans Blame Palestinians For War In Gaza

Palestinian loss of land 1947-2005

In a recent survey most Americans are quick to side with Israel and against the Palestinians when it comes to Gaza. Even though there is overwhelming evidence that Israel has used excessive force against many innocent Palestinians who are really just a desperate people who have been held captive in Gaza because of Israeli policy aimed at containing and eliminating them.

American understanding of the Palestinian question is limited to what they get via the mostly pro Israeli main stream media or compromised pro Israeli politicians. Cutoff from real news Americans can have little empathy for the plight of the Palestinians and more often then not reject as terrorist sympathizers anyone who speaks out in their defense.

Most Palestinians have been radicalized and turned to organizations like Hamas because of the long history of injustice imposed upon them by a succession of conservative Israeli governments backed by US power. Americans tunnel vision and pro Israel outlook no matter what the facts are has made the Middle East a difficult problem to remedy for a succession of US presidents. It's time that we begin to open our eyes and devise a policy that promotes fairness instead of just being the guarantor and backer of Israeli bad behavior.

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