Saturday, January 24, 2009

J&M Cafe Closing McQue (John Wayne) Once Used Washroom To Beat Bejesus Out Of A Guy

Ah the old J&M Cafe is closing it's rumored. I tipped many a cocktail glass, most definitely one to many, there in the old days when Pioneer Square didn't have so many squares. When, if you had a dispute with someone you could take it outside and not worry about getting shot. Yes in the golden days of yesteryear when men fought with their fists.

Below starting at around 3:52 on the video you can see John Wayne (playing fictitious Seattle renegade police detective McQue) in the movie McQue beat the shit out of a guy in the old men's restroom at the J&M. Just like I remember it, the men's room I mean, looking just like it did in the old days. I think I ended up in that urinal once myself.

It's actually hard to believe the cafe is actually closing. It's not the first time the often mismanaged gin joint has had to temporary close it's doors so management could go to rehab only to miraculously reopen once new financing and direction surfaced.

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