Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gay Or Straight Should It Matter?

Most liberal’s spiritual beliefs, I would venture a guess, are a little portable when it comes to participating or worrying about matters involving organized religion. We tend to be more eclectic and open minded about spiritual matters, fallen away, atheist or just not tied to dogma and the old snake oil ideas.

Yet there is no end it seems at this moment in time to the continuing hair splitting and mouse-milking tantrum being thrown over Rick Warren giving the invocation prior to the inaugural ceremonies in Washington.

Instead of ignoring the bad behavior and his wrong doing the complainers have manage to turned Warren into a cause celebre who's participation threatens to overshadowing portions of the actual ceremony.

I see this bitching as being disingenuous since, in my experience, most people, not just the people in the gay community, really could care less who gave the invocation at this sort of political event. Okay Warren is an asshole, but why make him a hero to the right by throwing a fit. I think this was an opportunity for gays to show that even though people are not tolerant to them they are capable of taking the high road and tolerating people like the homophobic Warren. I think this was in part what Obama wanted to gesture to the right by inviting Warren.

Even though I felt this way I wasn't motivated to join the argument, but then the new uproar started over HBO not broadcasting the invocation by openly gay preacher Gene Robinson preceding the mega star-studded concert yesterday. Robinson apparently was tagged as sort of a bone being thrown to the GLBT community by Obama inauguration committee after the Warren dust up.

The decision not to carry Robinson on the national television feed live has been taken by some as evidence that gays are being slighted once again by Obama. There’s a blogosphere feeding frenzy going on about who is responsible for preempting Robinson exactly so that claims of discrimination against gays, real or imagined, can be dished out later on the culprits.

It’s becoming silly.

People who don’t care about religious matters usually, are suddenly obsessed with religious invocations at political events and the sexual preferences of the preachers giving the invocations? Frankly I’m glad they didn’t include Robinson because I see my spiritual beliefs as fine with or without people like religious folks like Robinson and Warren adding their outdated dogmatic two cents.

But there’s a deeper issue. There’s a real wacky PC correctness with straight people on the left when it comes to gay rights. Sensitivity to GLBT discrimination is important and everyone, both gay and straight, should be aware of it and expose it when it exists. But I think the growing tendency to submit to a form of affirmative action or equal time based on ones sexual preference alone is wrong and counterproductive.

I support all people’s civil rights including the right to same sex marriage or to have as much sex as they wish to have with whomever they care to have it with, it’s not my business. That is exactly my point: Robinson was only important because of his sexual preference. Had Robinson gay sexual preference not been a factor in him being there in the first place hardly anyone would of given a shit whether he was seen on TV or not.

It shouldn’t matter what your sexual preference is because the world shouldn’t revolve around what one’s sexual preference is when it comes to your right to fully participate in society as an individual or give a invocation at an inauguration.

So the Obama people can't win. They add Robinson mainly because he's gay to appease gays mad about the blowhard Warren and then they get ostracized when Robinson is not seen by gays who tuned in to see him only because he's gay and not really because of what he is preaching about.

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