Friday, January 02, 2009

Oh Shit Think Global Warming Was Bad Mere Childs Play Compared To Yellowstone Super Volcano Eruption

The last week of so there has been a significant change in the number of earthquakes in Yellowstone Park. It could be a sign of a coming eruption. I remember seeing the special on the Yellowstone super volcano on NOVA and having it scare the shit out of me.

Well there goes half the known species on earth and talk about cloudy and gray. The last time they had one of these eruptions it killed off the dinosaurs I think. At least it will save you from having to worry about losing your job, refinancing or anything other then survival.

In case you haven't heard Yellowstone Park is really the caldera of an old super volcano that been dormant for 620,000 thousand years, and scientists say Yellowstone should “blow its top” every 600,000 years, so we're kind of due.

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