Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A New And More Dangerous Culture War Has Started

The right's newly focused and post election diatribe is now aimed at the so called left and GLBT community's anger about unequal marriage rights ignited by the passage of proposition 8 in California.

What is dangerous is that Newt Gingrich and others are quick to brand this activism as an example of wide spread evidence of a "violent gay and secular fascist agenda". While the pot is calling the kettle black Gingrich conveniently overlooks the issue as one of equal civil rights and instead beats the drum of a controversial minority trying to impose their will on the majority.

Wingnuts are increasingly basing their claim on a small number of isolated incidents where Christian fundamentalist groups or individuals were confronted by members of the gay community. FOX News has been looping video tape, Reverend Wright style, of the confrontation in San Francisco's Castro district that involved locals and fundamentalists, there apparently in an attempt to convert gays, that became confrontational and rather ugly last Friday night and another incident where a 62 year old woman had her cross taken away and stomped on by Prop 8 protesters.

I think this is an extremely dangerous escalation following the just concluded election where wingnuts everywhere were wipped into a frenzy based on false inferences that Obama was a Muslim, terrorist, Socialist, baby killing and marriage hating Arab or worse. Gingrich should know that this type of hate inducing speech will end up getting someone hurt. I'm afraid this agenda of hate has been decided upon by the current Republican party deadbeats as viable politically and we are just begining to see the first salvos in a new ramped up phase of the cultural wedge issue war.

It would be wrong not mention that I think that gay and progressive activists need to start to focus on a coordinated non violent based way forward. If possible the GLBT community needs to establish greater dialog with those open to it in the religious community, especially in Black community churches. The tendency it seems now is to be confrontational with anyone who is religious rather then taking the high road. God knows that organized religion has done enough damage throughout history. What are you surprised.

It's not about religion at all it's about civil rights. I don't have much hope that the right will change and I fear that we are headed for tragedy and needless setbacks in this struggle for equal rights. The cause is just and we should be careful not to lower ourselves to the level of these homophobic hate mongers.

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