Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Automakers Should Of Sent This Guy To Talk To Congress

Lansing Michigan Mayor Virg Bernero is about the most articulate spokesman I've heard talking about why the taxpayers should save the American automakers. Watch this interview on FOX News.

He clears up many of the myths created by Republicans like Alabama's hicksville Senator Richard Shelby. The good Senator likes to bash unionized autoworkers at every chance with outrages bullshit like that they're all making $70 per hour. The average unionized autoworker makes $28 bucks and hour not $70. This is the same Senator Shelby who got millions of taxpayer dollars so he could coax non union Asian carmakers to build plants in his right to work anti-union socially backward bottom feeding state.
"Conservatives also argued that the Big Three should be left to die because in a free market, that’s what happens to poorly operated companies offering inferior products.

Sen. Richard Shelby, the ranking Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, said, for example, “I do not support the use of U.S. taxpayer dollars to reward the mismanagement of Detroit-based auto manufacturers.”

Shelby made this accusation while part of the Congress that ran up the largest federal deficits known to man and allowed Paulson to broker a deal to sell troubled Wachovia bank to troubled Citigroup – a bank that so far got two bailouts, the first of which arriving within weeks of the failed Wachovia marriage.

Shelby, of course, has a lot to lose if Michigan does well. His home state of Alabama gave tax breaks to foreign car companies Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Hyundai to locate factories there – hardly a free market approach.

So, like many conservatives, he twists reality to suit his circumstances. He’s right that American car companies made mistakes. In October, GM’s sales were off 45 percent from the year before, Chrysler 35 percent and Ford 30. But he’s wrong about that being a result of mismanagement alone, well, unless he thinks his precious foreign car companies made the same mistakes. Toyota was down 23 percent, Honda 25 and Nissan 33 for the same month."

Leo W. Gerard United Steel Workers International President

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