Saturday, November 01, 2008

McCain Palin Death Rattle

Today we learned that Obama maternal Aunt, a citizen of Kenya, is apparently illegality residing in Boston after being ordered to leave the country four months ago. A claim mysteriously and perhaps illegally leaked by some obscure government official.

Then we read at this late date of a high level McCain campaign official who's resurrected the claim that Obama is not a citizen of the United States based on his birth certificate being forged. A story still considered fact by the ignorant wingnut underground that supports McCain and Palin.

The real story maybe where and how did the AP source this story to bring it forward at this time. People may also asked the question of what's wrong with our immigration system in that a relative of a potential president can't get their status right or be granted a visa by the Republican's broken and highly politicized immigration system.

A Obama spokesmen indicated they were not aware that his Aunt was in the US illegally and that they considered it a private family matter. I believe this also shows that Barack Obama is not particularly close with his Kenyan relatives and their transgressions and shouldn't be held responsible everytime some distant cousin or aunt screws up. It's like your drunk uncle Billy getting a DUI.

These wingnuts are the same people who also believe that Malcolm X is Barack Obama’s biological father. I don’t know how this ties into the narrative that he’s some sort of Manchurian candidate sleeper who is actuality a Muslim terrorist bent on taking over the United States but I guess it doesn't matter to them.

A few days ago I was sucked into a right wing site that offered what it claimed were nude pictures of Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham, staged 1950's Betty Page style, posted in conjunction with the story about his illegitimate fathering. This source claims his father is someone named Frank Marshall, a Chicago communist. The site main undertone was racist and disgusting and played mostly on the old fear by racist of white women having interracial relationships.

In 1960 I remember as a young man the rumor Republicans and red necks circulated about John F Kennedy that said that as soon as he was elected he’d bring the Pope over to run the government and force everyone to become a Catholic. Something we laugh about as being rather crazy at the time.

It's evidence that McCain and Palin and what supporters they have left have apparently hit bottom. What we're hearing now is the death rattle.

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