Saturday, November 29, 2008

India Government Apparently As Incompetent As Bush Administration

There's been lots of retrospective talk lately on the left about the systemic incompetence of the Bush administration and Republican Party over the last decade. Sure Republicans could win elections but they were terrible at governing.

Many are saying that it was not so much the greed or cultural wedge issue based ideology that ruined them, just plain old stupidity and incompetence. Unqualified political hacks were given key jobs in government and when crisis arose or historic decisions had to be made they failed utterly.

How could they be so stupid, citizens would ask themselves time and again. The video below from the India Times features Indian news commentators railing about the ineptitude of their government in the crisis. It sounds very familiar.

The terror attacks in Mumbai have exposed the fact that incompetent national leaders are not just an American problem. The India crisis has exposed their government's leaders for their inability to deal with the long standing problem of terrorism or deal effectively with other national problems.

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