Friday, November 07, 2008

The Left’s Irrational Fear Of Clinton People In Obama Cabinet

MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow in concert with several other lefty blogs continue to blow a gasket over talk that Barack Obama is considering appointing several former Clinton administration members to his cabinet. The paint hasn't even been applied to the inauguration band stand yet and they are already harping about “Is this the change we can count on”. Maybe she's driven by a need for post election show content, but whatever the reason Maddow has been harping this line for a couple of days now.

Maddow should get better writers and along with other amped up lefties immediately take a chill pill and stop this nonsense. I’m sure that Obama is open to any expert or adviser who has the necessary hands on experience of pulling the big economic levers of government. Why would he rely at this moment of crisis on the unproven, experimental or half baked economic ideas soup du jour. There will be lots of time for that later once we stop the bleeding.

Maddow acts like Obama should only be considering newbies or non Clinton administration partisan types or that he is somehow selling out to the ideals of his campaign by relying on proven experience and expertise of past Clinton cabinet menders. It's like she wants Richard Bransom to be appointed the new Secretary of the Treasury.


Maddow made the same misinterpretation of Obama’s approach to governance, as many lefties do, last week during an interview of the soon to be President Elect by making a big thing out of the Obama tendency not to participate in overly partisan BS attack politics aimed at any nearby generic Republican.

Maddow made a big thing out of nothing by trying to make the case that he was failing to criticize Republicans apparently because they were Republicans. Maddow noted that Obama often criticizes President George W. Bush, but not the Republican Party in general, a point Obama gamely welcomed by touting his outreach to Republicans. He also suggested that even if his bipartisan approach disappoints Democratic partisans who are looking for a fight, it appears to be working for his successful presidential campaign: Obama ended the line of questioning by saying “Rachel it appears to be working”, inferring it was counterproductive behavior and part of the old politics and sort of a dumb premise.

It seems that lefty voices like Maddow and others within the blogosphere haven’t taken the time to read Obama’s book or listen to his rhetoric about a new approach to politics. They remain overly cynical or stuck in the old divisive partisan paradigms rather then looking for what will work and produce real results. Obama’s thinking centers on the belief that we must begin an era of post partisan politics if we are to get anything done. Common sense answers versus the same old boomer tendency echoed by the left and the wedge issue centered right in the blogs and by commentators who look at everything from an us versus them polarize viewpoint.

George Bush thought of himself as the decider, which was mostly BS. If anything Obama has shown he will listen to all advise and then he will make the big decisions. The difference being that Obama is by light years more competence, intelligent, emphatic and centered then numb nuts Bush ever could or will be.

So take a deep breath and forget this nonsense about a third Clinton administration and get ready for what it looks like to have a real leader running this country.

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