Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Marginalization By Centerist Democrats And The Media Lap Dogs

Being right the first time nothing new to Kucinich

I would not have any regret at all if Dennis Kucinich by some unforeseen political miracle ended up winning the White House.

In the recent Las Vegas Debate I was struck by this question and answer of Dennis Kucinich shown in this video below. Dennis is the closest thing to a real Democrat seeking the presidency. He the kind of Democrat I remember from the presidential elections of my youth. Why isn't Kucinich doing better given his outstanding record on core issue Democratic Party philosophy? He most always projects a authentic demeanor of integrity, character and fearlessness.

The litany of his postitions on the key issues of the day and the fact that history has pretty much vindicated his original position on each of them is uncanny when compared to the other 2008 candidates.

Out of fear of losing a more conservative voter has the Democratic Party moved so far to the center right on the political spectrum that it has made it impossible for a candidate like Kucinich to win.

Has the Democrat Party simply become a waffling, flip flopping, triangulating, Clintontonian style shadow of it's once proud self as the political party of working class America and the protector of the weak who are being abused by powerful interest? Well just watch the video.

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