Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Psycho-Babbling Intellectualizing Self-Aggrandizing Liberal Wonks Theorists And Environmental Hair-Splitters Holdup Public Transportation

Northwest Liberals Shoot Themselves In the Foot And Help Stop Real Public Transportation Improvements Again With Defeat of Roads and Transit Prop. 1

At the end of the Soviet era in Russia, just after the Berlin wall fell, I remember seeing a news photo of a protester in Moscow carrying a sign on which he had written “90 years and the road to nowhere” in English referring of course to the failure and downfall of the then Soviet system.

Funny or not that’s exactly how I felt today when I awoke to find that the Roads and Transit package had failed. I'm not into making politically correct or nice here or going on about how ALL of us should start pulling together to work for a BETTER plan sometime in the fucking future for our yet unborn children. Or lookng at any more polls or surveys or listening to endless carbon score brain pounding self serving rhetoric.

I’m just sick of it, and I know there are many citizens out HERE just like me. PISSED! Unfortunately, it appears, that lots of them forgot to vote yesterday. Well welcome to fucking modern day America. Lazy retards. The jist being if we could get 90% to the polls most of these lame ass political types would be part of yesterday's news. No revolution even necessary my fellow baby boomers. But I rather live in the delusion that somehow my one little vote isn't really going to change things. Carl Rove and some of the fascists that run this county now would be happy knowing you think like that.

But that’s not the point I'd like to make now. I think there are many in the political left and some Democrat and liberal leaders who should have the blame for the defeat of Prop 1 laid directly on their doorstep. So they can step in it like a piece of burning newpaper full of dog shit left there by a Halloween prankster.

I’m sick of the, now all to familiar. hair-splitting babble and self-aggrandizing posing that invariability emanates predominately from the left side of the political spectrum every time a worthwhile plan for improving transit, or for that matter any capitol improvement over $1000, is placed on the ballot.

With friends like this on the left who needs the expected don't tax me ever enemies of projects that are always going to come from the right.
You’d think these lefties would COMPROMISE and support the long sought after systemic solution to the public transportation problems that are threatening to overwhelm this area. May even create a few long-term union wage jobs. Oh I forgot you probably don’t really know what that is do you…since in your minds your all apparently a bunch of upwardly mobile young nitwits. It's my postition that anything that was wrong with the package could of been tweaked later if necessary. With these type of mega projects as in life it is important that you are always ready to "put your cash on the barrel head son"!

The ringing of hands, the concern for the children, the mostly BS regurgitated self important bonking of anything that THEY conceive is not meeting their personal image of utopian perfection, or worse yet may displace hapless homeless from sleeping under the viaduct. Oh, the gnashing of teeth, the sanctimonious outcry as protectors of the moral high ground in the name of the working man and woman. Talk talk, fucking talk.
All unadulterated bullshit! But more than guaranteed to stop any long overdue or meaningful mega civic improvement project dead in its tracks.

Yes I’m talking about Ron Sims and the “it's more important to be considered hip even though your really not” crowd at the Stranger and the over caffeinated hair splitting crowd at the Sierra Club. Well you cheapskate and/or brainiacs didn’t do me any favors by saving me from the ROADS part of the package or by testing your whack job theories that my grandkids will probably be morally or environmentally damaged if we actually voted to approve a roads and transit package.

We can all thanks you folks for fucking up the hope of getting light rail here till at least the turn of the next century. We should have had it 30 years ago. Hello, out there were running behind schedule. Your pulling a Democrat Congress act on us here. Everybody look up INDECISIVE in the damn dictionary.

It must come from too many of you being raised vicariously by Dr. Spock. Negotiate with your kids while their setting the house on fire. "Now Billy put down that stick of dynamite or your going to force me to make you have a time fucking out"!

Why doesn’t this constipation of the political system seem to affect transit projects in Portland or even Tacoma or inumerable other WORLD CLASS cities? Because their not overrun by a bunch of half-backed bozos who’d rather talk endlessly about SHIT then actually build a fucking public transportation system even if it means it not going to be perfect or cost a shit load of money. Hey it going to cost a shitload more money later.

Goddamn the part of the political process here that requires that we intellectualize and gum to death every freaking major capitol improvement project. Screw the lack of political leadership that is unable to stake their personal political capitol on the line to support expensive projects for the long term good of the community. Instead of hiding under their desks somewhere only concerned with their next election. Speaking from both sides of their mouths most of the time. I vote for people I want to make big decisions. Not whine and go hide every time their ask to stick their necks out. If they don't do what you like I vote for someone else.

Here we just keep electing the same ineffective assholes over and over on the recommendation of some rag newspaper or some self engrossed blogger.
Thanks again to all the weakling politicians, posturing pundits and blogger wind bags out there who we can thank for more gridlock and the defeat of a ballot measure that would of certainly jump started the oh so long overdue creation of something resembling a public transportation system here.

You all SUCK!

p.s. It takes one posturing wind bag to know another.

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