Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hillary Didn’t Win The Las Vegas Debate I Watched

So Hillary won the Las Vegas debate eh? If so I must have been watching some mysterious Martian invader based broadcast rerun from outer space. It’s Hillary strikes back! Hillary shows the boys whose boss or Hillary in an asbestos pantsuit crapola spreader spin masters at work.

It amazes me how much the voters are willing to suspend belief in what ones senses or what their experience is telling them if Wolf “get a little closer to the razor please” Blitzer, Campbell “Ditzy” Brown or Chris "Twitty" Matthews infers that it is really so.
The mainstream media types spin the outcome of these debates whatever way they decide, based on whatever half-baked quotient their diamonds or pearls type question coated candy-ass mentalities apparently can come up with.

Problem is most voters who either haven’t watched the debate or are most often impressed by the last person they talked to believe what’s being served up from the Ministry of Truth mainstream media like CNN or worse yet FOX News. Everyone is so disengaged and apathetic with their intuitions in shut down mode. Which, of course, is a part of their psyche that exists in theory only for many of them.
Hillary was the same old and tired “lets have a stupid dangling conversation” candidate she as always been. Really saying nothing and speaking in platitudes that she and husband Bill have perfected down to perfect little sound bites for inserting in your nightly news hour. She’s either being superficial or waffling or subliminally suggesting it's her turn to be president.

Her new tactic, after receiving a supposed pounding in the last debate, was to turn up the volume and blame others for mud slinging or using the Republican play book when she was actually confronted about her being a corporate Democrat or perhaps tied to out of date political thinking or she was actually asked a question requiring more then a retoric filled bullshit answer.

Meanwhile the day after the debate “Twitty” over and MSNBC Hardball and the rest of the lackey networks had joined in on the CNN Mantra about how Hillary showed the boys whose boss and how she’s back on top. Continuing the news narrative of loving her one day hating her the next. Or that her being a woman shouldn’t be a issue, but then having the roundtable panel discuss it for most of the hour. It ends up being all superficial and meaningless. Because her real qualifications and those of the other candidates are not discussed.

The media seems to completely forget about the lower echelon candidates. Most provided strong performances at the Las Vegas debate. Joe Biden and Bill Richardson both certainly held their own during the debate even though they did not receive equal time from the moderators who apparently base the distribution of questions on the amount of money the candidate has been able to raise to date or who they determine is important based on some unknown influences from the powers to be at CNN.

Then there’s poor Dennis Kucinich, who in a perfect world would make one hell of a President. Always seems to hold the right position on the issues of the day. Was right on the war, NAFTA, impeaching certain government officials, supporting the working class or healthcare, you name it. But they just want to talk about how young and good looking his wife is or use him for a punchline in a joke.
It could certainly be argued that Biden probably won the debate based on his tendency toward a plain speaking style and his knowledge and experience when talking about current issues. Plus he comes across as likeable and funny. Richardson, although always a bit frumpy and clumsy in his delivery, demonstrated a wealth of experience and grasp of the issues of the day. He is also very down to earth and real. Something Hillary has never appeared to be to me whenever I’ve watched her. Barak Obama is the lilting voice of the new generation of leadership. Idealistic and sincere but as yet unable to smoothly deliver his ideas in this type of debate format which favors short and superficial sound bites and an infotaining style of answer.

Ever time Obama started to explain a position in depth, which is his style, Blitzer would start to interrupt him unnecessarily even though a question of the nature asked him deserved more time to answer. CNN isn't interested in real answers to the questions. It's all just for entertainment value content filling anyway. A good example being the attempted Hillary directed softball family fun question about whether she perfers diamonds or pearls.

The world is going down the shit hole and the best CNN can do is this stupid sexist shit for brains question fed to us by some unwitting student questioner they've turned into their robot.
So I for one have been taught to make up my own minded and it definitely tells me that Hillary did not win this debate. All this and my experiences have led me to have a basic mistrust of news anchors and their corporate controlled networks. Most of them miserably compromised or just plain lacking in true life experiences or apparent knowledge of the subjects they cover to do much other then sound articulate or look pretty.

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