Sunday, November 18, 2007

Psycho-Babbling Rightwing Bozos From Hell

Great article in NYT by Frank Rich on a number of skeletons in the closet of Rudy Giuliani that are not widely covered by national media. Including Bernard Kerik Judith Regan, ties to the Government of Qatar and to the manufacturer of OxyContin. One interesting aspect of the story is that Giuliani had his official papers suspiciously copied and archived and then returned to the New York City archives. All without anyway to verify if the records really made it back unaltered or fully intact.

"after Mr. Giuliani left office, his mayoral papers were temporarily transferred to a private, tax-exempt foundation run by his supporters and financed with $1.5 million from mostly undisclosed donors. The foundation, which shares the same address as Giuliani Partners, copied and archived the records before sending them back to New York’s municipal archives. Historians told The (Chicago) Tribune there’s no way to verify that the papers were returned to government custody intact. Mayor Bloomberg has since signed a law that will prevent this unprecedented deal from being repeated."

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