Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How The Hell Can Tim Eyman Still Get An Initiative Passed In This Place

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Liberals wring their hands over election setbacks and spend countless hours trying to figure out what's wrong with the system...

But through all the professional level bitching and complaining liberals and other lazy lefties must take the blame for failing to turn up at the polls to vote! It's not that difficult to figure out I'd argue.

My type of thinking apparently frustrates the spacy yoga mat toting love children who are always looking for the deeper meaning for everything or a excuse for their lack of a basic understanding or how the freaking system works.

It's not unusual for less then half of registered voters in America to actually cast a ballot in any given election. That's if your lucky. Let's say that you could get 70 to 80 percent of voters out for every election. It's my contention there would be a wholesale change in the political landscape. The widespread liberal political delusion that we need some sort of a revolution to really change things would finally be debunked.

"The revolution we need is in the thinking that somehow your vote isn't worth something or lacks importance. Wake up, you nitwits this is a democracy not a feudal state or monarchy."

Often they can be heard counseling one another on why they feel so powerless with only their single vote to cast or how confusing it is to figure out what the fuck is going on with this initiative or that. It can be oh so overwhelming they say. Plus their so fucking busy all the time runing here and there spending their precious time extending their home equity lines of credit. Well have you every considered that it may be your one paramount duty as a citizen to cast your damn vote at election time. I contend that this is the MAIN reason that all these brave souls have been dying for their country all these years. Not so you can be free to go to the mall and endlessly shop like you think.

You can owe this type of thinking in part to why we also have President Asshole in office for the last 7 years. Apparently they don't teach this shit in the American Public school system.

Above I offer a mock graphic I created for those who went to public school and think America is a Monarchy and/or if you usually need a graphic to understand what's going on.

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