Saturday, November 24, 2007

Smoke Them If You Got Them Classic Smoking Ads

I was a smoker for years. I think I started a pack a day habit when I was 16. Except I even started before that experimenting with cigarettes. It make me feel like an adult and fed some of the youthful rebellion within me. It felt good in my hand. I like the way I preceived I looked puffing away on a smoke. Plus it seemed glamorous and hip to be able to light up. I finally stopped smoking when I was in my mid forties. I struggled with it on and off after that for years and right now I'm not smoking again. So out of the last sixteen years since I first stopped I probably haven't smoked 12 of those years. Pretty good I think.

Given the awesome collection of 1920 to 1950 classic smoking advertisements I came across at the Stanford School of Medicine Website and that I certainly must of been subjected to when I was young it's little wonder I started smoking in the first place. The Tabacco companies went to great length in all of the ads to promote the lie that smoking was supposedly healthy and glamorous. Hell if conservative golden boy Ronald Reagan is sending Chesterfields to everyone he knows for Christmas it must be good.

Hey I don't hate smokers and I hope I'm not a self righteous former smoker either. Because that attitude seems somewhat obnoxious to me and I'm sure to those who still are hooked. I just wish them the best if they every hope of quiting sometime.

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