Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Puppet Government in America

Recent revelations that Dick Cheney is a power hungry master manipulator with a hidden political agenda have begun to come in to focus. No true Democrat or freethinking person is really that surprised! Cheney has always delighted in his macho tough guy grumpy bad boy image. It doesn’t take much Carl Jung 101 to realize that he is probably just the opposite. Probably a resent filled egotist whose real fear or people places and things make him want to act the tough guy role.

News from the CIA leak investigation and with recent mea culpa(s) from the likes of Lawrence B. Wilkerson former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell and Brent Scowcroft former national security advisor with Bush I, we begin to see into Dick’s sinister world of smoke and mirrors that became the manipulated lie of an argument that the United States should go to war in Iraq. Wilkerson went as far as to call the plan to start a war in Iraq the work of a white house “cabal” headed by Cheney in concert with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Cheney has in effect hijacked our country. George W. Bush is painted as a president somewhat diconnected and weak on the intellectual tools of the trade that would be needed to make a difference. Credence is added to this when we see that many of the decisions coming from the White House have proven to be half-baked. Case in point Harriet Miers ill faded nomination to the Supreme Court. Even Democrats have to ask themselves is this the best America has to offer up in the field of jurisprudence? The answer of course is no.

It is George Bush at his best appointing cronies to positions of power who are totally unqualified. Unfortunately the mistake is not often discovered till after the damage has been done. Example “your doing a hell of a job Bownie” episode with former FEMA director Michael Brown who resigned in disgrace after the complete bungling of the hurricane Katrina emergency aid program.

Wilkerson’s statement and the observations like those of Maureen Dowd of the New York Times point out the complete monkey wrench has been thrown into the constitutional works of government. Something that is entirely different then what most American people expected when they voted. We in effect have a Vice President running the country not the president we elected. That is if you accept that Bush was actually elected president in 2000 or 2004. Of course neo conservatives probably would of really preferred that Cheney were at the top of the ticket in the first place, and it could be argued that they knew what most Democrats widely suspected. Cheney would be the one really running the show in the White House anyway. Now we have some definitive proof of that.

Bush is further painted as a President who is not always completely in the loop on major policy decisions. Recent revelations in the news about the administration have reinforced the image of Bush as incompetent, disconnected, without vision or imagination. Condoleezza Rice is seen as a “go along to get along” advisor who rarely would tell the emperor that he has no clothes or who is more interested in her future ambitions then creating friction or rocking the boat by questioning Cheney or Bush policy decisions.

More far reaching is the continuing saga and conflict of interest that Cheney’s ties to companies like Halliburton present. Halliburton is profiting immensely from no bid contracts associated with the war in Iraq and the gulf coast disasters. The white house has suspended laws that call for open bidding on contracts for the war and rebuilding the gulf coast. Contracts that eventually got awarded companies like Halliburton from which the vice president directly benefits.

Bend over America! President Clinton was put up for impeachment for having consensual oral sex with Monica Lewinsky. Maybe Cheney and Bush should be impeached for metaphorically having non-consensual anal sex with American voters. I think a far more serious offense base on the number of lives we lost directly due to their lying, profiteering and manipulation of the truth.

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