Sunday, October 16, 2005

Life Without Hope

"My hope is that we may recover something of a renewal of that vision of the law with which men may be supposed to have started out with in the old days of the oracles, who communed with the intimations of divinity." Woodrow Wilson

The worst part of government under George W. Bush and the Republican Congress is the serious lack of hope or new ideas that the American people long for from their leaders as we sit on the precipice of a new century. A feeling of moving proudly forward into the future instead of bogged down in ubiquitous mountain of crony driven in competency and banal horseshit.

Bush and the Republicans are mainly interested in protecting turf and the maintaining the status quo. Fighting to maintain the power of their class of blue-blooded silver spoon-fed privileged pricks. Most of them on the fast track up the latter of life fueled by the misappropriation of our natural world by their robber barons relatives of the early part of the last century. They perceive most political groups that are not of their own ilk to be enemies who should be marginalized or eliminated. Now in power, they spend their time using our government institutions and power to keep their boot on the necks of the working and other common people. They are jingoist of the worst order and often hide behind a phony religiousness to justify their militaristic aims. They act patriotic and wounded when they sacrifice the lives of young Americans in wars to gain access to diminishing oil supplies. But neatly avoided their time of service through the use of family string pulling and political influence.

Ironically, they oppose government itself. They do not want their tax dollars spend in anyway that would represent supporting the common good unless it works to increases or subsidize their moneymaking schemes or personal stock portfolios. They do not support taxes that would provide universal healthcare to the citizens of this country. Forever opposing it with a phony claim it is un-American or socialism. Further they oppose taxes on many fronts that would strengthen or maintain our nation’s physical and mental infrastructure. In Washington State the conservative one issue radio talk crowd of political porn artists and the Republican party have joined forces in a current attempt to roll back a gas tax that was past during the last session of the Democrat controlled legislature aimed at maintaining and improving the state’s highways and transportation needs. They do this even though their friends in the business community support the tax knowing that it is necessary to maintain the infrastructure needed to deliver products to market. But it’s always about ME with these shortsighted blowhards. Screw you! I’ve got mine!

Working people hopefully are beginning to see the end game for these floundering frat boy oppressors. We need to return to a sense of community instead of just phony slogans and putting on appearances of caring. More often their's it is a message of sink or swim.

Government is not responsible for people’s lives, but it certainly has a social responsibility to help us achieve a meaningful existence if it serves the common good. Social Security, Medicare, veteran’s benefit programs, grants for college education and protection or the environment are forms of government help that have been successful. Although conservatives would argue that they should be scuttled not base on their success but because of their ideological opposition to them.

It’s time for us to recognize these people are running our country only to fulfill the limited agendas that benefit their kind. It’s time to wake up from the nightmare of a nation without real hope.


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