Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hey Mr President, how about appointing ME to the Supreme Court?

The privacy and dignity of our citizens [are] being whittled away by sometimes imperceptible steps. Taken individually, each step may be of little consequence. But when viewed as a whole, there begins to emerge a society quite unlike any we have seen -- a society in which government may intrude into the secret regions of a [person's] life"
William O Douglas

I’d like to make MY case for being appointed to the Supreme Court since qualifications and your “legal track record” doesn’t apparently mean that much these days. My main argument for my appointment is “experience is the best teacher”. This theory dictates, “life’s experiences teach more effectively than any books or school”. So based on the life experiences I’ve had I should at least get some consideration for the Supreme Court vacancy. So take that Harvard Law School!

In fact it’s a pretty well known fact that many Supreme Court Justices had little actual judicial experience or necessarily hail from elite law schools. Yes I admit I’m a high school dropout too. But I got my GED so I’m definitely qualified. I think you don’t even need to be a member of the bar to be appointed either, so no problem there. But, I did worked in the Seattle Municipal Court for 23 years as a court clerk and seen more jury trials probably then the nominee the president likes “miss goodie two shoes” Harriet Miers who has apparently never even been a judge just a lawyer and city counsel woman in Texas somewhere. These are difficult times and we need to be able to stop accepting the status quo when it comes to filling these court vacancies. I think the President should do the right thing and be bold. Hell, he doesn’t have to answer to the electorate again so what’s he got to lose? In my estimation the most important qualities we should look for in a judge are integrity and “being your own person”. The worst scenario would be to nominate a ” Trojan Horse” type candidate who has a hidden political agenda. Of course, I answer to no one. I have no agendas. Except maybe to try and get to a yoga class more often. I'm sort of retired, financially secure and probably can’t be bought at this stage of my life either. Power and money are not that high on the list of things I think are important anymore.

Let’s face it. Not many present or past Supreme Court justices have every spent any actual time in jail or been a defendant personally involved in the criminal justice proceeding like I have. Okay so my crimes were for minor offenses, like DUI or barroom brawling. But shouldn’t that actual experience count for something and give me a better insight into the criminal justice system from arrest all the way to sentencing? Hey, what the fuck do Supreme Court justices really know about being locked up, you’re probably asking yourself right now? I’ve actually had my rights read to me a couple of times too. All these current justices have, with their so-called “education”. is a lot of “psychobabble” or obscure case law going on in their heads anyway. They can theorize about what it must be like to be on the outer fringes of society locked up, confused and alcoholic, but I lived it buddy! It’s not some theory to me. It just ends up being a big intellectual exercised guessing game when it comes to making the proper ruling for these jokers. Who better to “judge” others lawbreakers then one of their own, I ask? Who’s better at truly considering the impact of cases that affect the country’s educational system then someone who found school pretty much a total waste of time? Better to get a job and earn a honest buck.

I didn’t come from the house of privilege with some sort of “silver spoon” in my mouth either. Everything I got I had to work to get and it gave me a special bond with the working man and woman. I’d be the most populist minded Justice since William O. Douglas and from the same part of the country too. He was also a man from humble beginnings. He liked to fish and hunt in his home state of Idaho and was quite the ladies man having married four times. His decisions often favored individual rights and the environmental questions and you got to love that his nickname was “Wild Bill” or “The Great Dissenter” because he had so many dissenting legal opinions. Now there you have someone who was his own man. No lackey with politicians pulling his strings behind the curtain.

I’m further qualified because I’ve had a hundred different jobs. Ditch digger, taxi driver, union business agent, actor, legal clerk, salesmen, vaudeville performer, airline agent, soldier, bartender, promoter, press agent, public relations specialist, municipal court clerk, writer, owned a newspaper and radio station mascot who dressed up in a duck costume to promote Seattle radio station KISW in the early seventies. Who's better, I ask you again, to know the true temper of the land and be able to walk a mile in the shoes of the “Joe and Jill Blows” who’s case is being reviewed before the highest court in the land. Yes, I “questioned authority” with the best of them in my day. I protested against war, lead strikes against employers. I’d be great when it came to interpreting the constitution concerning free speech. Freedom IS free, you red state morons. I served my country in the military so I can handle those tough military related cases too. Give me a man like me who’s lived his life to the fullest warts and all.

What’s missing here is that most of these overeducated types don’t really have any practical experience in the “school of life”. Leading protected lives spending all their time trying to keep their “squeaky clean” personal reputations free of any blemish or scandal.

God knows that if it ever got out that they smoked pot, dropped acid or had sex with someone they shouldn’t have had it with or, god forbid, said something wrong that some media wizard digs up. They’d be quickly marginalized and character assassinated by the Fox Network on orders of Carl Rove. They live in constant fear of being found out. Which, of course, affects their judgment. They live in a distored "world of make believe". Are these the type of people we want on the highest court in the land I ask you? It’s totally different with me. I admit I’ve have made a number of huge mistakes. Well, I’m human. But I’m sorry for the harm I’ve caused and with help from my 12 steps group will not do it again.

Now there, it’s all out on the table. The Fox network has lost its power over me. I’m free to say and do what I want, beholden to no one. My rulings as a Supreme Court Justice will be based in “common sense” not intellectual guess work about what the constitution is really suppose to mean. I know women who had abortions. No abstract thinking on the right to choose here. I know about freedom and having my freedom restricted by red necks that judged me on the bases of my appearance rather then what was in my heart. What has not killed me has made me stonger and perhaps Supreme Court material.

When you look for information on what makes a successful person, or better yet, how do you determine “who will be successful” versus "who will not be successful” it sort of a guessing game. There are lots of examples on the Internet of what it takes in business to be a successful leader for instance. There are lots of stories about famous people who rose from obscurity or humble beginnings to become great leaders who ended up being widely admired. Six US presidents came from such circumstance. Abraham Lincoln probably is the most well known of these presidents. Harry Truman was another President that was thrust into power and who history often names amongst one of the finest American political leaders. When looking a Noble peace prize laureates , people like Lech Walesa who transformed Poland, you see people who had the inner strength to do the right thing often in the face of death. Their stories are characterized mostly as people who came from humble or common backgrounds but they possessed vision, strength and courage. Who knew? Their courage and experience often brought great changed for good to the world and to those around them. Well, It IS world peace in their case! They definitely had common sense and practical experiences that guided them like me. Requesting that the President offer me the nomination is not that stupid and thus I make my case.

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