Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fitzgerald baseball analogy explained for baseball challenged!

Let me then ask your next question: Well, why is this a leak investigation that doesn't result in a charge? I've been trying to think about how to explain this, so let me try. I know baseball analogies are the fad these days. Let me try something. If you saw a baseball

(Conspiracy to discredit a political opponent by revealing that his wife was a covert CIA agent that discourages him from talking to press about his trip to Africa related to WMD's and Iraq)

game and you saw a pitcher

(Carl Rove and/or Dick Cheney, perhaps Bush)

wind up and throw a fastball

(Talk to Robert Novak who eventually outed Valerie Plame)

and hit a batter

(Ambassador Joe Wilson)

right smack in the head, and it really, really hurt them,

(Credibility of Wilson saying that there was no link to Niger and Saddam’s alleged WMD’s in Iraq and to create fear for Wilson’s wife’s safety)

you'd want to know why the pitcher

(Cheney, Rove or perhaps Bush)

did that.

(Wanted to destroy Wilson credibility and get him to shut up)

And you'd wonder whether or not the person just reared back and decided, "I've got bad blood with this batter.

(The presidential election is riding on this perhaps)

He hit two home runs off me.

(His writing about lack of WMD’s undermined justification for the war in Iraq in the midst of presidential campaign)

I'm just going to hit him in the head as hard as I can."

(Out Wilson's wife, a undercover CIA agent, and get him to shut up)

You also might wonder whether or not the pitcher

(Carl Rove and/or Dick Cheney perhaps Bush himself)

just let go of the ball or his foot slipped, and he had no idea to throw the ball anywhere near the batter's head.

(Get caught)

And there are lots of shades of gray

(Covering up, perjury, lying, stonewalling)

in between.

You might learn that you wanted to hit the batter in the back and it hit him in the head because he moved. You might want to throw it under his chin, but it ended up hitting him on the head. FITZGERALD: And what you'd want to do is have as much information as you could. You'd want to know: What happened in the dugout?

(White House)

Was this guy complaining about the person he threw at? Did he talk to anyone else?

(Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice)

What was he thinking?

(Wanted to stop war desent and destroy Wilson’s credibility)

How does he react? All those things you'd want to know. And then you'd make a decision as to whether this person should be banned from baseball,

(Impeached jailed fired discredited)

whether they should be suspended, whether you should do nothing at all and just say, "Hey, the person threw a bad pitch. Get over it." In this case, it's a lot more serious than baseball. And the damage wasn't to one person. It wasn't just Valerie Wilson. It was done to all of us.

(Plus more then 2000 American dead in Iraq with countless Iraqi civilians dead scores of Americans and Iraqi civilians wounded and billions of US tax dollars wasted)

And as you sit back, you want to learn: Why was this information going out?

(To silence opposition to the war)

Why were people taking this information about Valerie Wilson and giving it to reporters?

(To give the story legitimacy and discredit Wilson)

Why did Mr. Libby say what he did? Why did he tell Judith Miller three times?

(To use her like a cheap journalistic prostitute to be the conduit reporter writing misleading stories in the NYT about WMD's , and Iraq war)

Why did he tell the press secretary on Monday? Why did he tell Mr. Cooper? And was this something where he intended to cause whatever damage was caused?
FITZGERALD: Or did they intend to do something else and where are the shades of gray? And what we have when someone charges obstruction of justice, the umpire gets sand thrown in his eyes.

(Cover up, Libby lying to protect others probably Cheney or Rove, maybe even Bush)

He's trying to figure what happened and somebody blocked their view.

(Libby falls on his sword like a good soldier and announces he'll fight the charges because he got what happen screwed up and just couldn't remember the facts)

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