Thursday, October 27, 2005

Boycott KVI Radio Sponsors Now!

Thurston County Judge Chris Wickham rejected a civil rights law suit by KVI’s right wing talk show hosts Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson again Wednesday. The two had claimed their right to free speech was being infringed on when the judge told them that they must report to the Public Disclosure Commission any airtime promoting the anti gas tax initiative I-912 as a in-kind contribution to the campaign in favor of its passage. An organization calling itself

Since the two right wing talk show hosts are principle organizers behind the inception and promotion of the initiative to repeal the gas tax the judge ruled that any on air promotion on KVI Radio in support of a yes vote should be treated as a in-kind campaign contribution and reported to and monitored by the Public Disclosure Commission.

The incremental 91/2-cent per gallon gas tax increase was passed in the last session of the legislature to rebuild the state's highways and jump start major projects like the replacement of Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct. The viaduct has been determined to be a risk, and would probably collapse if another significant earthquake should hit the Northwest. The state’s highways have been neglected for years mainly due to Republican opposition to any taxes that would be needed to maintain or modernize the highway system. When Democrats finally took control of the State Legislature and State House last year they passed the gas tax with the help of a few progressive Republicans and many in the business community who saw it as a necessary move to maintain the state's infrastructure which is so vital to the delivery of goods to market and transportation in general. See NO on I-912 website here for more background.

The ruling is a double edge sword for the Carlson and Wilbur. The publicity they receive from the law suit is free and helps promote their radio show. But it also shows that they are not impartial about the issue really when using air time on KVI to promote the initiative. Airtime that is unavailable to the opponents of the initiative.

The law suit is mostly a "win win" situation for KVI Carlson and Wilbur. The promotion of the anti gas tax initiative galvanizes conservative listeners who listen because they are most likely in support of the initiative to repeal the tax while at the same time the station gets free publicity for Carlson and Wilbur that potentially may draw new listeners to KVI. Something the station needs to do based on recent listener ratings.

But the playing field is not really level in this battle of ideas. KVI Radio is in effect promoting the repeal of the gas tax. If this major Seattle radio station is not willing to grant free equal time to the opponents of the initiative I-912, I think its time that the opponents let KVI know that they intend to boycott the sponsors who continues to support KVI programming with their advertising. Starting immediately.

I urge you to email call or write Fisher Communications KVI's parent company today and tell them you intend to boycott the sponsors advertising on their station as a protest against the unfair use of the public airways by them to promote initiative I-912. I would also encourage you to also contact the sponsors directly and inform them that you will not buy their products unless unfettered equal time on KVI Radio is granted to the opponents of the initiative or Carlson and Wilbur cease using airtime to promote the passage of I-912.

Fisher Communications, Inc.
100 4th Ave N
Suite 510
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 404-7000


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    who are these sponsors anyway? what's their phone numbers? do I have to listen to the goddamn station? I'm already boycotting it.

  2. Sorry big boy,
    Watch my post today and I'll have that information.

  3. I strongly recommend that you call or email Fisher Communications directly.
    The parent company of KVI