Saturday, October 29, 2005

I saw America at its best today

It was embodied in an individual that we have come to know in the course of the CIA leak investigation. One affable young prosecutor from Illinois name Patrick Fitzgerald. From what I’ve seen, heard and read of him I think he should hence forth be known as “robo-prosecutor”.

Is he not the walking definition of a noble public servant, who works mostly in silence and obscurity? Perhaps a modern Mr. Smith goes to Washington whose all too unique character traits are fairness, selflessness and a complete distain for anyone who is not strait forward or honest. He reaffirms that we are a nation of laws. That no one is above the law, at least in theory.

“But I think what we see here today, when a vice president's chief of staff is charged with perjury and obstruction of justice, it does show the world that this is a country that takes its law seriously; that all citizens are bound by the law.”

As the CIA leak investigation unfolded the pundits heaped praise on Fitzgerald and referring to him as such things as an alter boy or the new Eliot Ness. An incorruptible Irish strait shooter, who has time and time again demonstrated unquestionable fairness when investigating high profile federal crimes. Rove couldn't even find a way to smear him. It is apparent that Fitzgerald is both hard working and brilliant in his role as defender of the law, truth and our constitution. The Harvard educated 44-year son of Irish Catholics from Flatbush Brooklyn personifies his family’s blue-collar sensibilities. His father was a doorman in Manhattan. I’d bet my money he was a damn good doorman too, if someone doesn't believe me I dare you to check.

Fitzgerald’s news conference today reminded me so much of the first time I saw Barak Obama, the new young Senator from Illinois. It was his, now memorable, keynote speech at the 2004 Democrat Convention on television. It was like someone had slugged me in the stomach. His words inspired me and made me think of the dream I had in my head about my country.

America longs for men and woman like these. Because they stand above the fray and they stand for fairness, honesty and integrity. They urge us to move to higher ground. They are not petty. Isn’t this the place where we really want our country to be? On the mountain top standing for something besides the common denominator of politics as usual. Against fear and wars of misguided ideology. A nation of competent governance. The fleeting thought that we are truly brother and sister after all. A nation moving amongst other nations. We can do better perhaps?

These men stand out because we live in a cesspool of lies surrounded by death and dying. Continuing to foul our own nests while many of us are more interested in our own selfish ends. Shallow, dumb, weak fearful. We have become too use to it. We all know that this administration has lied and manipulation. This has lead to death for many and a warped sense of patriotism. Haven't we become like most polititians we see today so contrived, image conscious and fake that we can not speak the truth spontaneously?

We see also a cancer in the Democratic Party that consist of many Democrats sticking their finger in the wind before taking a stand on the tough positions, like the war in Iraq. Many Democratic leaders are apparently unable to really risk anything because they perceive honesty as weakness or a threat to their hold on power. We know deep down it is really only vanity. Democrats must learn to tell the truth, not just say what they think people want to hear in order to get elected. Because telling the truth is what will get them elected.

We waste time gloating at the mis-steps of Bush and his incompetent administration rather then striving to lift our eyes up to the sky to offer our own vision. We only get down in the dirt with the Republicans, lowering ourselves to their level, when we hate them and call them stupid.

This is why when we sense real honesty and integrity in government officials it shines like a beacon into our memory of what we once expected our country to become. We as a nation must strive to be something noble and good again. People like Fitzgerald and Obama show us the way.

Democrats must resist gloating over these indictments and cease continually resorting to only calling Bush stupid. He is not stupid. But he is extremely incompetent. Incompetence should be our talking point, not just the personalized and sophomoric Air America style, holier then thou, assaults on him and his administration that we liberals seem to always resort to, apparently they make us feel personally superior or more intelligent. Who cares.

We must focus the electorate on the incompetence of his government and the incompetence of the congress and offer Americans a viable alternative. We must point out the way to return to the higher ground and return to integrity and intelligence in government. We must once again learn how to tell the truth.

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  1. walrus5:54 PM

    Amen. People like Obama and Fitzgerald remind of the great days when America had great leaders like JFK and MLK. That is the heritage of the Democrats that they have to regain - that lost idealism of America.