Wednesday, December 15, 2010

McGinn Personification Of Seattle All Talk No Action Politics When It ComesTo Tunnel Proposal

It's been more than ten years of political regimes,  planning, debating, elections, proposals, counter proposals, environmental impact studies, confrontations, posturing. begging the feds for money, promises not to obstruct construction if elected and having the Alaskan Way Viaduct continue to crumble, yet Mayor "in over my head" McSchwinn calls for the city council to "slow down" on making a decision to sign off on the deep bore tunnel project. His plan: 
"McGinn says the tunnel is too expensive and not environmentally sound. He prefers tearing down the waterfront viaduct and dispersing traffic the roughly 100,000 vehicles that use it every day on city streets." (he obviously has never lived in West Seattle or south of downtown)
The Mayor latest ploy proves beyond a shadow of a doubt he is truly in the tradition of all other modern day Seattle politicians who would rather talk a proposal to death than take action to do something about it.

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