Saturday, December 04, 2010

It's Called A Filibuster Stupid: Slog Story Blames Obama For Coming Apocalypse In Post About Tax Cut Battle

Below is the closing line from a story entitled "It just keeps getting worse" (worse than McCain and Palin in office I guess) by Charles Mudede over at the SLOG about Obama's supposed inability to increase taxes on the rich while continuing Bush's tax cuts for the middle class.

"I honestly believe his whole presidency will be defined here and now. If he backs down on this one, he will lose an entire generation."

Please spare us this bullshit!

Breaking: Two Democratic bills, one calling for continuing the tax cut for folks under 250K and one calling for no tax increase for people under a million failed in the Senate this morning. 

Why is it Progressives don't understand that Obama is hamstrung because there simply are not enough Democratic votes to pass a cloture motion in the Senate as the majority is now constituted, and it will get worse in January. This morning's votes on the tax cuts is a prime example. The cloture vote needed 60 D's to cut off debate and it got 53 votes.

Obama certainly realizes the votes aren't there, but most liberals apparently don't. This morning's votes in the Senate to extend the tax cuts for the middle class, which expire at the end of the month, failed for this reason. This lack of action is taking place in a lame duck congress that supposedly has 60 Democrats who are eligible to vote. The reason the vote took place now is because the tax cuts for everyone expire December 31st and that the D's majority in the Senate will be weakened further when the new Congress is installed in January and the house will go over to Republican control.

Democrats wanted to make a symbolic stand in favor of the middle class on taxes. The Democratic plan, knowing they could not win from the start, was to give Democrats a narrative and cover to blame Republicans for the failure to not continue middle class tax cuts and failure to begin taxing rich people who can afford to pay more taxes in a time when the government can use the money

So Obama has had three choices all along given the present and future head counts.

1. Veto any bill that comes to his desk on tax cuts. Therefore raising taxes on everyone rich and poor. Liberal certainly would not love this choice.

2 Compromise: allowing the tax cuts to continue for everyone in exchange for extending unemployment benefits.

3. Support what every the tax advisory group he's put together recommends, which will probably be a variation of number two.

The progressive leadership crisis is in the legislative branch of government not in the executive branch. Obama is not a king.

Now that liberals have had our "symbolic" votes in the Congress on whether to extend the tax cuts for only people making under 1 million but not those over that amount I wish liberals would shut up about Obama "losing an entire generation." This it poppycock, and also blames him for something he really has no control over.

I suppose we'd all like Obama to go on a nationwide tour for the next two weeks and call Republican "heartless bastards who only care about the rich" because it would make us lefties feel better, but in the end the Republicans are going to have their way because they're heartless bastards and THEY HAVE THE VOTES.

This is not Obama's fault, liberals should see if nothing else he's a realist. The fault lies with  lame ass Blue Dogs Democrats, conservative Democrats and because of weak leadership in the Senate.


  1. So well said Danny, I try and tell people this all the time...

  2. Here's an assignment for angry progressives: Get the names of the 7 Dems who would not vote for the two bills in the Senate this morning and make sure that follows them around like a neon sign FOR THE REST OF THEIR POLITICAL LIVES!

  3. One more thing: