Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Liberals Going Wild Over Obama Tax Proposal Should Get A Freaking Grip

Jesus, what a pathetic self destructive temper tantrum outcry from the left over the Obama tax cut proposal. Most of this nonsense about letting the tax cuts expire to show some sort of resolve against the Republicans is unrealistic given exactly what it would mean and what may be lost if such a strategy were followed to the end. Check out the reactions from stammering progressives when ask what they would do instead of just bitching about the tax cut proposal captured in the video below from Lawrence O'Donnell's Last Word program yesterday. Realists are calling the tax package a second stimulus since most of the money spent in the proposed package will go to things that benefit the unemployed or the middle class.

I'm not saying you shouldn't be swallowing hard on this. God knows the rich should be paying more taxes. But given the circumstances Obama has at least shown the ability to pull the trigger instead of just posturing some purist position and get something in return while the Democrats still control the lame duck Congress. The alternative is a tax increase for everyone, complete uncertainty and loss of bargaining power after the Republicans retake power in the house and gain even more power in the Senate January 1st.

Frankly I think the President got the best possible package he could given the votes he needs to pass the legislation in the Senate. Liberal drama queens simply don't see that Obama is doing the best he can given the make up of the Congress and mistakenly they may be the ones buying into the anti Obama Republican narrative on the issues of the day. But what makes me mad is that I think bashing Obama is a stupid counterproductive practice, given what this man has done in the first two years of his presidency.

I may get in trouble for saying this but it seems to me that many of the most vocal critics of Obama and the tax compromise are a new class of mostly one issue prone pro DADT bloggers who have their panties all in a knot because Obama hasn't waived a magic wand and got this particular issue, although important, not made into the number one Democratic Party government priority. Their extremely pissed about it and jumping at every chance to throw a personal hissy fit at what they perceive as Obama not living up to his campaign rhetoric. I say to them, I think most Americans don't see DADT as a number one issue facing America right now.

It's the economy stupid!

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  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    My problem with the way Obama dealt with this issue is the same as how he's dealt with every issue. Politics is the art of compromise, but your starting point shouldn't be the point that you want to end. Despite repeated efforts on every issue to get the Republican's to even sit and discuss issues by Obama, all they have done is say "no". This was a terrible compromise, not just sort of bad, terrible. When the "Bush tax cuts" were implemented after all of my deductions my taxes went down a few hundred dollars. If these taxes expire, they'll only go up a few hundred, while the wealthy get huge rewards. Very few people want to acknowledge this, but the growth years of the Clinton years were actually set up by 41 going against his promise of "no new taxes". The economy was being swallowed by the interest payments the government was paying on its debt until Bush raised taxes, freeing the credit market to invest. In the 1950's the rich were taxed at over 90% if they didn't invest in areas that helped the economy. If this current tax plan was going to create jobs, it already would have.