Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why Does Seattle Jewish Lobby Hate Free Speech?

The American Jewish lobby's power when it comes to scaring politicians into taking action to suppress free speech was demonstrated in King County this week. The latest example being King County actually changing the policy for acceptable political bus advertising when the advertising turned out to be counter to the message that certain pro Israel Jewish factions here wanted to hear.  The County did this even though the more American thing to do would of been to allow the people opposing the pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel bus ads the right to run their own counter ads. We don't need to be protected from the truth, we are adults aren't we? Can't we make up our own minds about the validity of the ads?

Instead Dow Constantine oped to go all "mommy state" on us, having been bombarded I'm sure by the pro-Israel people in town. The county actually will lose money for changing the policy in a time of transit budget cutting. But once again any semblance of the truth about possible Israeli aggression is suppressed because reactionary pro-Israel organizations in the area and country have a hard time apparently handling the assertion that Israel may be unjustly killing people. I have often written, here, here, here and hear about the retaliation one can expect when anyone suggest that there maybe other then even handed treatment of Palestinians by Israel in the Middle East.

I for one beleive that one of the reasons that 9/11 happened and the general anti-American feelings emanating from the Middle East and Muslim world for as long as one can remember is because of this country's continuing unequal treatment of the Palestinians in favor of Israel, and whatever crazy anti-Palestinian tacked Israel wishes to take. One would have to be blind deaf and dumb to think that Palestinians have gotten anything close to a fair treatment or even handedness from the United States.

I also think the County should rethink this new policy. If for nothing else we can use the money the advertising will generate to keep the buses running. The ironic thing is the message the Palestinian group wanted to get out probably got more attention in the end because of the Jewish groups attempts to suppress it. 

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