Sunday, December 12, 2010

What The Mayor Should Be Talking About Concerning The Tunnel

Mayor's Weekly Question Period....

What the mayor should talk about in detail is what exactly is his vision for the replacement or demolition of the AWV.

As far as I can determine all that he and his anti-tunnel minions at the Stranger have done is snipe at this or that aspect of the DBT plan. The DBT IS THE COMPROMISE reached by every other stakeholder involved with the project. In the final analysis, if there is no tunnel or some sort of replacement for the AWV 100% of the traffic will become SURFACE TRAFFIC. Therefore, comparing how many cars are using the Ballard bridge now and that will use the tunnel in the future and the cost of present day tunnel construction is a bullshit analogy. One was built in 1917 and one has to be built for what it costs today. Plus the better comparison would be the cost of the AWV not the Ballard bridge. The replacement of the AWV with another elevated highway will cost as much as the tunnel without the benefit of recreating the waterfront or having a highway (the current viaduct) while the replacement is taking place.

The questions are:

1. What the hell is your detailed plan for the AWV replacement Mr. Mike "the obstructionist" Mc Schwinn if the tunnel is not acceptable?

2. Why don't you just say you don't want the tunnel under any circumstances and that every other government entity in the state and city of Seattle who thinks it's a good compromise can go fuck themselves because you and some wonks at the Stranger claim to know what's best for the City.

3. Do you know how many jobs the replacement of the AWV with a tunnel will create? (the answer in case you give a shit is approximately 30.000 union wage jobs)

4. How will people commute through, or to the city while whatever your plan for the AWV turns out to be, is implemented?

5. Do you really ride you bike all over the place or do you just want people to think you do?

6. Were you actually totally against the tunnel under any circumstances and trying to kill it when you said you wouldn't obstruct the tunnel construction before the election?

7. If it was just political theater and total bullshit, did you say that because your internal polling showed you'd lose the election unless you said you wouldn't obstruct the tunnel.

Please feel free enter you answers in the comments...


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