Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Thoughts On HA Story About Seattle Times Union Bashing

Below is my comment about Goldy's story over at HorsesAss concerning the Seattle Times tendency to bash unions whenever possible.

As a resident of Vashon Island I depend on the ferry system. Though not perfect, I commend the ferry system and I feel that Washingtonians should be proud that we operate a marine system that is one of the largest, most efficient and safest in the world. The Washington State ferry system truly creates a “marine highway” for many commuters who depend on it when they live or work in the archipelago of islands that are scattered around the periphery of this state.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of these news stories from the Times and other local TV media types basically reporting that there’s something wrong when ferry workers or other workers are paid well or have certain protections written into their contract that grant them a livable wage and good working conditions. Most ferry workers I observe are hard working likable people who are just trying to make a decent living.

It seems to me that in this age of union bashing there is a tendency by many people to vilified anyone who belongs to a union simply because their making more then $20 bucks an hour, are given a coffee break or have employer provided health insurance. Maybe these “go it on your own types” who are willing to let their employers exploit them on a daily basis by paying then substandard wages and providing them with poor working conditions and benefits should join a union and demand that they be paid more. But they have been duped, frightened or intimidated into somehow “carrying the employers water” by attacking other working people who presently are lucky and smart enough to belong to a viable labor union.

Generally speaking, I think it is simple jealousy or a form of misdirected rage at unions in most cases. KING TV, who often likes to attack ferry workers compensation, would better serve the public good by reporting excesses and actual crimes by billionaire business types, runaway corporations and banks rather than running so called “investigative reports” attacking ferry engineers or other workers for making too much money working overtime or being paid for their travel expenses, benefits that executives in most companies regularly receive.

Really, I think that someone should do a "report" on the wages and perks that these airhead TV types get paid for spouting the misinformation, nonsense filled infotainment fluff news stories and BS they give us each day. While Rome burns!

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