Tuesday, September 07, 2010

At Least European Labor Union Members F@#king Get It!

Meanwhile here in the US the American worker learns how to bent over and take it in the ass while conservative nuts and tea party members plan seriously to dismantle what remains of the social safety net in this country if they gain control in November. The dream of healthcare for everyone, that seems so close, social security, unemployment benefits, environmental protections, all on the chopping block. What in the fuck is wrong with this country?

We can't seem to move on into the future?

It's hard to listen to the high pitched whining coming from the media concerning this massive and apparently effective use of general strikes by workers in France and England. Workers protesting government austerity measure mainly aimed at cutting working class pension benefits and safety net social programs.

Meanwhile in America nothing to see here so just keep moving along. Have we become a nation of ignorant white trash half-baked tea party nuts and fancy pants progressives who rather wax on ad nauseam just to hear ourselves talk. It’s hard to believe that these mainly race based dido heads and tea party types are about to take over the levers of power in the US Congress according to the polls and prognosticators. Without so much as a whimper, it seems, from any progressive entity in this country. Un-fucking-believable!

Have we actually entered the Orwellian world of no is yes, war is peace.

Meanwhile most liberals are completely happy to jump on the Obama snob-fest bashing freaking bus. This man is not perfect and we certainly had our expectations rather high, but he has made significant progress in a number of key areas.

These strikes in Europe should be spreading around the world as far as I’m concerned. It may be a cry for help or a last stand against how sick and tired thinking middle class people are in some places after having their wages cut, pensions reduced, healthcare denied, working conditions lowered, and lives decimated through economic trickery by their corporate controlled governments. Who happily spend millions on war and billions on banks bailouts, but have no real relief for things ailing the middle class. The corporate controlled mainstream media tools rant about selfish overpaid union members and poor disrupted commuters. The really sad thing is most ignorant and uninspired Americans buy into this corporate controlled media bullshit machine message completely. Damn you for making twenty dollars and hour and wanting a pension.

The protesting strikers in Europe are of course a totally different breed from the biblically bullshit driven right wing tea party nuts in the good old USA, who'd have a hard time telling Saul Alinsky from Monica Lewinsky really. The workers in Europe value the solidarity they have with other workers and they stand up for their fellow workers as well as for social justice and programs that protect and enrich the middle class. They’re smart enough and conscious enough to recognize the real enemy. It isn’t Socialism or Muslims wanting to practice freedom of speech. It’s the BP's, Lehman Brothers, the greed driven corporations of the world and the unethical politicians who support them?

Viva la huelga!

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