Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Check List For WA State November Ballot Measures

Please support these ballot measures:

I-1098: Raises Money for Health Care and Education
  • I-1098 cuts the state property tax by 20%, eliminates B&O taxes for small businesses,and establishes a strictly limited income tax on the wealthiest 1.2% of households.
  • It raises $2 billion a year dedicated to education and health care.By law, the first $200,000 ($400,000 for couples) of income is exempt.
  • By law, the tax rates or who pays them cannot be changed without a vote of the people.

R-52 (referred by the legislature): For healthy schools

  • Many of our aging school buildings are riddled with problems like mold, rusty pipes, and asbestos filled walls, that are interfering with the learning environment.
  • R-52 would provide needed funding so that local school districts statewide could retrofit and renovate school buildings so that they are safe and energy efficient.
  • Retrofitting and renovation work will create 30,000 good jobs for Washington families, putting people back to work immediately.
Oppose these ballot measures:

I-1053: No to California-Style Gridlock

  • I-1053 would allow just 17 legislators to prevent the majority from taking action on a responsible, balanced approach to the budget.
  • California has the same two-thirds rule and it has caused a mess of partisan gridlock.
  • Special interests like BP and Bank of America are behind I-1053 because they want to keep their tax loopholes and giveaways.

I-1082: No to Insurance Industry Fine Print

  • I-1082 was written by the insurance industry, so it’s loaded with fine print that will help Wall Street giants like AIG unfairly profit from our workers’ compensation system.
  • It allows private insurers to set their own rates with virtually no oversight.
  • I-1082 will cost state and local governments $250 million over the next five years.
  • Small businesses would be left to pay skyrocketing rates after insurance companies had cherry-picked large and less risky businesses.

I-1100/1105: No these Risky Deregulation of Liquor Schemes

  • Because the corporations who want to sell liquor wrote these initiatives, I-1100/1105 are too risky and go too far.
  • Washington would become the most unregulated state in the nation for liquor sales.
  • Every gas station, mini-mart and convenience store would be allowed to sell hard liquor near schools, parks and in high crime areas until 2 am.
  • I-1100 will cost our state and local governments $275 million over five years and I-1105 will cost more than $700 million. That means more cuts to services like education, health care, police and firefighters.
I-1107: No to DC’s Big Soda Lobby
  • I-1107 would repeal the small, mostly temporary tax on non-essential items like soda pop, candy, bottled water and gum.
  • It’s worth a few cents more for a can of soda to raise more that $100 million per year to fund schools, health care and services for seniors and kids.
  • The American Beverage Association the national lobbying arm of the big soda companies is behind 1107 and they are running a highly deceptive campaign.
  • Don’t be fooled there is no food tax in Washington. Soda pop and candy are not food.
  • Too much sugar, which many of these beverage contain, can cause health issues, especially for children.
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