Thursday, September 09, 2010

Whiny Progressives Act Like Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship

Barack Obama maybe a bastard but he's our bastard. Overly hairsplitting, whiny and sensitive progressives who's feeling are hurt because their pet special interest causes didn't get the support of some compromised back-boneless Democratic Party scaredy-cat pink state Senator have done a 180 on the President like a woman scorned.

This after only two years of a new Presidency. At least let the guy find out where the bodies are buried. Progressives apparently forgot how the hell the separation of powers thing works.

It isn't the President you pussies. In case you haven't noticed he just saved the economy from a depression and passed a historic health care bill. It's the fucking dumb-shit Republican Party and their nubile progeny the batshit-crazy, bible thumping, sexually suppressed tea party white trash. Better get off your ass and get your disgruntled fellow intellectuals off theirs and get them out to vote for Democrats in November our your going straight to political hell come January. Did you think changing this was going to be done in one election cycle you selfish little brats?

Now shut the fuck up and listen to the President as he lays into the old nut-bar angry white guy's party. He talks about building things with "sweat and effort". He not talking about sweat and effort like in your spinning class though. So turn that misplaced anger in the right direction and allow yourself to get freaking mad as hell and go out and dropkick some tea bag ass.

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