Saturday, September 25, 2010

Are You Fat Because Your Eating Beef?

Recent studies show that Americans has become one of the fattest countries. Is there any connection between obesity and eating beef? Listed below are lists of the top 30 meat-eating countries followed by a list of the top 13 fattest countries.

I’m not a scientist of course nor is this observation very scientific probably, but I have long held the intuitive thought that meat from hormonally and antibiotic filled supercharged corn-fed feed lot cattle has a direct connection to why so many Americans are obese. It’s my personal theory that the use of corn and hormones to fatten cattle is simply pasted on to humans further down the food chain. In other words the process not only fattens the cattle faster but it fattens the humans who consume the meat produced in the unnatural process.

As you can see below 11 of the top meat eating countries are also found among the top countries when it comes to obesity. I think it certainly plausible that there a connection and "you don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows"

Top 30 beef eaters:

1. Argentina
2. Uruguay
3. *United States
4. *Australia
5. *New Zealand
6. Brazil
7. *Canada
8. France
9. Italy
10. *Czech Republic (Slovenia)
11. *Greece
12. *Belgium-Luxembourg
13. Denmark
14. Switzerland
15. *Mexico
16. Kazakhstan
17. Sweden
18. *United Kingdom
19. Netherlands
20. Costa Rica
21. Austria
22. Russia
23. *Ireland
24. Colombia
25. *Spain
26. Venezuela
27. Portugal
28. Germany
29. Ukraine
30. South Africa

* Also listed in top 13 in obesity rates

Top 13 countries by obesity rates:

1. Mexico
2. USA
3. New Zealand
4. Australia
5. UK
6. Ireland
7. Iceland
8. Canada
9. Chile
10. Greece
11. Slovenia
12. Luxembourg
13. Spain

Note: Only Iceland and Chile are not also in the list for the top 30 beef eating counties

Sources: Huffington Post, US census all other countries

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