Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gays Need To Consider Realties Of Governing A Nation That's Deeply Divided

I want what I want when I want it... modern politics.

The gay centric blogosphere is in a tizzy over statements attributed to a White House source calling them members of a loosely defined “Internet left fringe”. The statements were apparently made in the context of a White House that believes that 90% of Democrats support the President in his attempts to deal with major changes on healthcare reform, the financial meltdown, the economy and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thus with all that's on the President’s plate at this moment his administration apparently does not want to risk its limited supply of political capital on fights to also immediately take on anti-gay laws like DADT and DOMA.

I agree with the White House on this.

There seems to be a I want what I want when I want it attitude with the gay blogosphere that denies the real realities of governing this country at this time in our history. This is not to belittle the righteous of the gay communities cause or their valid concerns, but simply put, this President is under siege to reform many things that impact the majority of people rather than one loud and powerful and increasingly impatient interest group. It is commendable that the gay blogosphere and community has keep the Presidents feet to the fire, but it is counterproductive to attack the President as a fraud in a rather knee jerk fashion just because he has not made popular gay concerns the number one priority of his Presidency.

The other reality is that although public opinion on gay issues has improved favorably in the direction of gays, there still remains widespread ignorance in the nation and with the Republicans that could most certainly become a large distraction towards the ultimate success of other issues like healthcare reform, the economy and war and peace. In this atmosphere and in the world of politics the old axiom still exists in that one should know when to pick one’s battles.

I have little doubt that issues like DOMA and DADT and other gay concerns will in the end be dealt with under this President. It is a question of when, not if that happens. After only 10 months in office the President should be given credit for the things he has done already and not immediately condemned for some of the things that he has not done but, will most certainly get done if given time.

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