Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letter To Senator Sleaze Bag Liebermann

My email to Senator Liebermann. Why don't you send one also.

Senator Liebermann,

You may be the most egotistical snake in the grass in politics today. And that's saying something given the quality of most of your Republican and some Democrats colleagues in the US Congress.

Health care reform and the public option is not about your ego Senator.

You may not personally, or the conservative ditto-heads in your state, may not like any form of the public option but your announced intent to vote with the Republicans against cloture denies the rest of the country from ever having the OPTION to even choose the public option in our own State.

You’re a phony and for sure finished in politics once your regrettable term as a US Senator is over. I am sure you've been totally bought and sold by the insurance industry, which explains your actions. Otherwise you'd vote for the public option that would make them compete like any other American business.

History will show that low-life's like you were never really the friend of working class people to whom you pandered for support and votes and from whom you owe most of your sleazy power. Your disgusting!

In Washington State we’d of run you out of office long ago. I hope the citizens of Connecticut do the same as soon as possible whether by election or other legal means.

Daniel O’Brien
Vashon, WA
“It’s like two quarter-pound stools of alien space shit crashed into a toxic waste dumpster in Stamford, Connecticut, fucked, and out came their mutilated, blood-soaked carcass of a baby rat-child, Senator Joseph Lieberman.” Wonkette

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