Friday, October 02, 2009

Rio Has Olympics And Government Run Healthcare

Barack Obama shouldn’t be blamed for not being able to bring the 2016 Olympic games to Chicago. I think that the blame, if there is blame to be considered, should be shared by most of us as a nation.

Yes, it’s probably true that the vote for Rio was a forgone conclusion based on the fact that the Olympic games have never been held on the South American continent and that Madrid had the head of the Olympic Committee, a Spaniard, supporting that city which pulled votes away from Chicago in the all important first round of voting.

But, what I believe the vote today really shows is more empirical evidence that this country has lost it audacity. It’s ability to pull off greatness and it’s ability to manifest our dreams. It’s officially become a trend.

Reports indicate that European delegates heavily influence the Olympic Committee. It doesn’t take a wizard to realize that at this particular time in history the United States is not held in the same regard as it once was in the eyes of the Europeans or the rest of the world, in spite of the election of Barack Obama. After eight or more years of Republican cowboy foreign policy blunders under George W Bush and others before him it’s no wonder they’d be more inclined to support other than an American city for the games.

Need I remind you that for the last eight years Bush more of less thumbed his nose at the Europeans and started a war in Iraq that many Europeans saw as evidence of government sanctioned criminal behavior, that as of yet has gone unpunished. That alone would turn the entire world against you so I won’t mention the complete collapse of the economy system or the American responsibility for wide spread torture as reasons why the rest of the world would be somewhat skeptical about what America stands for as a country at this particular moment. No one likes a bully or a know it all so why reward one with an Olympic games.

America has been given a timeout by the Olympic committee.

America has lots of explaining to do. Granted we have a great communicator in the new President who means well, but when the rest of the world looks at the facts they still see the moronic conservative political party and movement in this country that is still powerful enough to obstruct progress on just about every issue that faces us. Even stopping progress on the no-brainer like providing health care coverage for your citizens as part of a overall social safety net. Or a nation that could literally blow up the world by bumbling itself into electing a neo conservative leader who’s policy would be based more on crackpot religious dogma then reason or fact. They see a violent country happy to allow guns everywhere even if it makes no sense.

We are a country with a failing educational system, and a country that predominates in an every man or woman for himself philosophy of life devoid of empathy, which often leaves the weak to fiend for themselves, in spite of all our Judeo-Christian or other organized religious proselytizing. The problem actually spans both major political parties.

The Democratic Party version is acted out in the form of an ineffective, corrupt and badly compromised entity expected to manifest change, but that is unable to do so even though they control most of the power.

This vision of America certainly must trouble the citizens of other nations as much as it troubles many progressive Americans. We have lost our way. It’s not just the cowboy Republicanism and crazy talk but a sense that America’s time maybe passing. We are a country involved in two wars and a country that not too long ago came dangerously close to total financial collapse. On a personal level most members of the middle class find themselves heavily leverage financially and emotionally. We have become a nation that is often ruled by fear rather then hope on both a political and personal level.

The answer seems to be no we can’t, rather then the stereotypical American idea of a people willing to take bold risks that eventually would return a large return. We are forgetting how to dream or make the dream a reality. We are not open-minded about new ideas or cultures. We have become more protectionist and xenophobic towards the world as a whole. We seem to have spiraled into our own selfishness.

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