Thursday, October 01, 2009

Alan Grayson For Majority Leader

What a pleasant thought. A majority leader in the House of Representatives who's knows how to fight with bare-knuckles. This is something the Republicans understand and have used effectively for years.

Everyone is flipping out over Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida and his floor speech about the Republican health care plan. To summurize: "Don't get sick" and if you do "die quickly". Most of the backlash, of course, is of the fake outrage kind which the right has down pat. But, sad to say, some members of Democratic party are acting squeamish about the tough talk too.

Get a fucking life Reid and Pelosi! Grayson is exactly what the Democrats need. Someone with guts and conviction who can articulate his point clearly and identify the Republican "lie factory" for what it is, pure corporate loving bullshit. Like so many Americans, I've had enough of the mamby-pamby mealy-mouthed BS coming from the Democratic leaders. We sent you to Congress to do a job.

I say lead or get out of the way.

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