Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Healthcare Crisis an American Disgrace..10 Reasons for Universal Healthcare Now!

When will politicians have the guts to do the right thing about the healthcare crisis in this country? Who will speak for the common people to right this glaring wrong?

The state of healthcare coverage in America is a tragic national disgrace. We remain the only country among modern industrialized Western democracies that does not offer some form of universal healthcare coverage for its people. The Republican indifference and band-aid approaches to a comprehensive solution to the problem, and need for universal health care coverage for all Americans is disgusting and Neanderthal. The Bush administration continues to do little or nothing. Acting at the whim of the insurance industry, drug, and powerful hegemony of the medical industrial complex to stonewall progress.

Recently ABC News reported that infant mortality, widely held to be an important barometer of a nation’s health, have risen in the United States for the first time since 1958. We now have more infants dying then Croatia, Lithuania, Taiwan, or even Cuba. The US currently ranks 28th in the world, which is far behind other modern industrialized nations like Sweden, France, Japan, and Germany. This is sort of the canary in the coalmine statistic that should motivate voters to look at the political choices they make and how they effect their healthcare.

By not having a universal form of healthcare we remain backward and out of step with the rest of the modern industrialized world and the times.

* We limit our ability to be a healthy and more productive as people.
* We impair out ability to be competitive in the global economy.
* We stifle creation of small businesses.
* We subject the children, the poor, and elderly to misery, suffering and fear.
* We fail to control skyrocketing healthcare and hospital costs.
* We fail to practice common sense and prevent illness before it becomes an emergency.
* We bankrupt and rob the savings of many in the middle and working class who must spend their life savings on medical care if a major illness strikes them or a member of their family.
* We fail to control the cost and the availability of life saving medications.
* We allow medical professionals, the insurance industry and hospitals to earn obscene profits at the expense of children, the sick, the weak, the disenfranchised and the poor.
* We fail to make insurance industry, hospital, drug companies and medical professionals business operations and profits transparent for all to see.

When will enough Americans see that it would be a tremendous benefit to us to not waste time any longer and as soon as possible elect candidates who will bring America into the new century in terms of how we treat illnesses that afflicts all our citizens.

Many in the US business community are beginning to understand the simple economics of universal healthcare as a way to stay competitive in the global economy. The often-used example is that it cost $1500 more to produce an automobile in the United States as compared to Canada. This is due to the health care insurance cost that the automaker passes on to the consumer in the US.

More the 11 million children in this country are not covered. Because of this many parents are reluctant get treatment for their children until their illness have reached the emergency stage. When the illness is more difficult to treat, cost more to treat and is more likely to cause death or permanent injury.

In 2005 the cost of medical insurance for the average family topped $10,000 per year. It shouldn’t be hard to understand that if the amount of insurance payments could be reduced or eliminated it would potentially mean billions of dollars of disposable income that would become available to Americans to spend directly. This would stimulate economic growth and jobs.

The lack of universal healthcare also means there are lots of sick individuals who don’t practice preventive medicine. This makes them more likely to become sick, and in the case of infectious decease, make them a threat to infect others. It also makes it more costly in the end because they end up in emergency rooms in the terminal stage of their medical problem where it is more expensive to treat them.

A comprehensive and universal healthcare program would control deficit spending by the federal government and the states by controlling the overall costs that the government spends on entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid and other government sponsored health and drug programs. It would reduce business sector medical insurance cost for retired employees and therefore stimulate industry. It would actually pay for itself eventually when healthcare cost are better controlled and citizens, through practicing preventive medicine, become healthier and less likely to become sick.

Americans must WAKE UP and take action. We must see and understanding the shortsightedness we suffer from concerning universal healthcare. We must stop letting politicians politicize the basic right and need for quality healthcare for all our citizens NOW.


  1. It is unfortunate to hear of the major health care crisis. I hope one day someone will do something about it and many more individuals can receive health insurance.

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